How to Inocolate Your Brain and Body
Against Stress and Anxiety

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4-Session Stress and Anxiety Relief
Online Intensive Workshop April - May 2021


Larisse Goldstein RCCH
Erika Slater CH

“…the only thing we have to fear is… fear itself…” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Do you feel weighed down by stress and anxiety or worry and see stressors everywhere with no relief in sight? If you can’t seem to function normally or feel overwhelmed or threatened by everyday situations, then you’re not alone. There are millions of American’s who are impacted daily by stress and anxiety.

You may feel tense, jittery, experience sweating or shortness of breath, a racing heart, or even chest pains. These could all be symptoms your stress or anxiety has got out of hand.

We all get anxious and worry from time to time. In fact, our bodies are equipped to deal with a certain amount of stress and anxiety – it’s part of our DNA. You may have heard of the “fight or flight” mechanism built into our mind and body system. This certainly helped our stone-age ancestors survive when competition for food was a daily battle.

But today, we don’t have the same contest for survival as our ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago… but we still have the exact survival mechanism built into our brain and body system.

And in many ways, we’re living a more demanding and stressful life than our pre-historic brethren did.

"It’s not inevitable or expected for the very system
designed to protect us to become a threat in itself."

Our survival system and neurology are complicated systems, and sometimes they get out of whack and don’t function to help us in the manner they were originally designed. When this happens, we need help and a way to get our coping mechanisms back on track, so they work for us rather than against us.

We need to interrupt the pattern of stress or anxiety when it exceeds our ability to cope. We need a new set of tools and techniques to engage to provide us better coping mechanisms and relief….

And this is what a new Four-Session Stress and Anxiety Workshop Program is all about; it’s designed to help improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

As you develop an awareness of your own ability to manage stress and anxiety and not rely on harmful coping mechanisms, you increase your ability to “snap out of it,” so to speak. When you feel the stress and the runaway brain activity, you can reach for the tools and techniques this workshop will provide.

My colleague and friend Larisse Goldstein has focused much of her recent work on providing stress and anxiety relief to her clients. She has experience using several techniques and tools to help people interrupt their patterns and get back their lives and cope better with the stresses and anxiety-inducing lives they’re experiencing.

If discovering more about this new program interests you, then read on to learn about the topics covered and the format of this program starting in just a few days…


The program includes four sessions spread out on 4 Wednesday evenings in April and May. There’s an extra week’s break between sessions #2 and #3. The dates and times for each session are:

workshop dates and times for stress and anxiety relief program

Each session will include a presentation element and the introduction and practice of a new tool or technique to break your stress and anxiety pattern.

FIRST SESSION: This session is packed full of foundational information and provides you an understanding of neural pathways and how, left unchecked, they can lead us to stress and anxiety and how we can develop new pathways that instead lead us to well-being and safety. Included in the initial session will be our first technique with practice time and a period for questions and homework discussion.

SECOND-FOURTH SESSIONS: The format of subsequent sessions will include a review of what’s working for the group members, a question period to resolve issues that cropped up in the previous week, the introduction of a new technique, practice time, meditation or hypnosis period, group tapping (EFT) and goals for the next week. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a quick and powerful self-help technique to reduce stress and anxiety.

IMPORTANT: The small group format will provide the flexibility to adjust the topics, techniques, and flow in each session based on the members’ needs. Larisse and I see this flexibility as a significant benefit to you, so the workshops are tailored to your desired outcomes.


Small group maximum of 5 people.
Four (4) sessions same day and time for 4 weeks.
One-time payment of $297 to cover all 4 x 90-minute sessions and materials.

All sessions are held online using Zoom.

We will NOT be recording any sessions, so please make sure you can attend all the dates as make-ups are not offered.

We’ve tried to make this as affordable as possible, so you get the relief you deserve from your stress and anxiety. The 6 hours of small group session time you’ll get means you’re paying only $49.50 per hour for Larisse and me to help you move towards where you want to be with your stress and anxiety relief.


The first workshop is just days away, and because we have a small number of seats available, so you get the attention and help you want, I urge you to register below… Today, before you leave this page. Because time has a way of slipping by, and if you come back later to register, there may be no spots left.

If you know you want this program now, then don’t delay but grab your spot today and get the tools and techniques to handle your stress and anxiety now.

    1. To sign-up for this program complete the form below and Press the Orange Button to Submit.
    2. You'll be automatically taken to the payment step.
    3. Once payment is confirmed you'll receive a confirmation email and instructions to access the first Zoom call.
    4. Stay tuned and watch your email as you'll receive more details as we get close to the date of the first call.

For now... just relax and prepare to build new pathways to well-being and safety.

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Larisse Goldstein has worked most recently exclusively with stress and anxiety clients. She has studied with John Overdurf and Igor Ledochowski.

Larisse is the owner of Thrive Counselling and is a registered clinical counseling hypnotherapist (RCCH), is certified in EFT and Faster EFT, and has a BA in education. She is located in Vancouver, B.C.

Erika Slater has been helping clients with stress and anxiety in her hypnosis practice since 2004. She has studied with Igor Ledochowski.

Erika received her training and certification in Hypnosis from the National Guild of Hypnotists. Erika is the owner of Free At last Hypnosis and is located in Cape Cod, MA

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I respect your privacy and will never rent or sell this information to
anyone else. I hate "spam" as well. See our Privacy Policy here

If you have any questions about this program and if it is right for you then please drop me an email at or call me at 508.269.0109.


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