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hypnotic journeys for weight loss

Hypnotic Journeys for Weight Loss is a bi-weekly small group program for six sessions over a 12-week period and geared to support your weight loss journey.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for most of us. Do any of these describe your weight loss journey so far…

  • You’ve reached a plateau on your own journey and don’t know how to break through to progress on the weight goal you set for yourself.
  • You thought you were doing well but slipped and gained back some of the weight you lost and now feel frustrated with yourself and wonder if you can ever reach your goal.
  • Like many, you may not have even begun a weight loss program because you’re confounded by all the diets and plans to choose from… and feel paralyzed to make a decision.

If any of these describe your journey so far then you may benefit from this program. *

Read on to discover more…

What Are Hypnotic Journeys?

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Hypnotic journeys are designed to reinforce support for whatever goal you’re trying to achieve. The sessions are designed to be low-key and relaxing, taking you for example on journeys along soft sandy beaches, through deep forests, along mountain trails, and many more themes for soothing and fun trips.

The journey landscape is designed as a backdrop to allow you to focus and re-energize on your intended outcome as you let your imagination take over. You’ll have experiences that’ll use your mind in a unique way that’ll allow you to move towards the goals you want to achieve.

Think of hypnotic journeys as Yoga for your mind. Where Yoga helps you cleanse your body, these journeys will help you cleanse your mind of barriers blocking progress of your weight loss.

Also, While the sessions may be low-key and relaxing this doesn't mean the progress made towards your weight goal isn't significant and real. Bring determination and commitment to these sessions and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Who Is This Program For?

It doesn’t matter what weight loss program or diet plan you’ve done, or are doing, or even if you’ve never done a program on losing weight, these hypnotic journeys provide an affordable way to move forward on whatever weight goal you’ve set for yourself.

These journeys are for people who value the dynamics of a small group atmosphere where they can participate in a supportive and fun environment as they discover and walk the path on their weight loss journey.

What To Expect...

I'll be your guide - Erika Slater CH - through each adventure helping you to explore and navigate your path to an enlightening and rewarding experience along each journey.

Expect a calm and peaceful experience as you discover your own path to support your lifestyle for healthy weight control. You’ll gain insights and intuitions about aspects of your life impacting your weight and what to do to move forward.

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Logistics and Investment

Small group’s maximum of 6 people.
Six (6) bi-weekly sessions same day and time for 12 weeks.
One-time payment of $180 to cover all 6 x 90-minute sessions and materials.


Sessions will be held in my Mashpee office and online for those who can't travel to my location.

As I said I've tried to make this as affordable as I can so you continue and progress on your weight loss journey. The 9 hours of session time means you're paying just $20 per hour for me to help you move towards where you want to be with your weight goal.

What To Do Next...

This is a limited series of journeys so it it's something you know right now you want to do then I urge you to register below… now, before you leave this page. Because time has a way of slipping by, and if you come back later to register there may be no spots left.

So don’t delay but grab your spot today, and hang on for an amazing journey through this summer.

Please use the registration form below and once we get your information you'll be contacted with further details about the sessions and instructions and how to prepay. Because there are only 6 spots available pre-payment is required to hold your seat.

Hypnotic Journey Registration

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