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At times life can feel like a war zone; inhospitable, lurking dangers, minefields, chaos and disarray. It can be difficult to get your bearings enough to make it through the day and seek refuge in your home.

You look forward to getting to a place where all is peace and calm but only to find bills waiting for you in the mail, telemarketers calling you during dinner, and reminders of your commitment of your time to others. Granted I’m describing a normal day in a 21st century household but you have to admit we typically trade the peace and calm we really want just to meet the demands of others.

Spending daily time in a sanctuary of calm and silence of our own making seems wishful thinking and out of reach most days.

But it’s not any longer. In fact it’s just a few minutes away and it won’t cost you a penny – all it costs is just 24-minutes of your time whenever you want to visit your sanctuary.

And you can visit your sanctuary as many times each day or week you wish. And you get to choose your sanctuary. Whether it be a secluded beach or high in the mountains or a special favorite room where nobody will disturb you, and you can feel safe and protected and begin to regenerate your life.

The MP3 you download here will help you create your sanctuary or sanctuaries (nobody says it has to be only one), and it’ll take you there each time you listen to it. The session is 24-minutes. Long enough to feel cleansed with your inner peace but short enough to fit into your schedule at least once a day.

This MP3 Sanctuary session has been especially developed by Erika Slater CH to aid you in:


Creating an inner sanctuary of calm and silence you can visit whenever you need.
Discovering and connecting with your inner peace.
Expanding your present vision and awareness for when you renter your day.
Acceptance of yourself and others – the good and the things we’d like to change.
Connecting with the part of you that wants to make your world, and others world, a better place.
Deeply appreciating the journey of your life and all the twists and turns and surpises.
And much more…

Listen to this MP3 whenever you need 24-minutes of your own time to recharge for the day.

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