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Taking a short nap of 10-20 minutes during the day has long been known to provide restorative beneficial effects for us. Many famous inventors in the past, and even other cultures, have long recognized and used the technique to awake revitalized and refreshed to a more creative and productive phase of the day.

In our “always-on” driven society of today our sleep and health patterns are continuously interrupted. We trade our natural restorative sleep for cramming as many hours into a day as we can, exercising and being productive in our jobs, and personal family life.

But the result is a dip in midday energy that stays with us through the remainder of the day making us feel lethargic, unproductive, and less than alert. So we stoop to caffeine and other stimulants to get us back on track, but these are harmful to our body and cause us too eventually “crash.” The demands can eventually take a toll on our health.

Those who do try and take a nap are fearful they’ll oversleep and miss important appointments or not be able to really nap at all! Studies also show sleeping over 20-minutes during the day is detrimental and can disrupt night-time sleep patterns.

Enter the Power Nap.

The MP3 10-minute Power Nap session you download here has been especially developed by Erika Slater CH to aid you in:


Getting to a relaxing state quickly.
Taking care of waking up to get back to work on time.
Quietening negative mind chatter for a deep and restorative rest.
Drifting to a peaceful healing place to invigorate your soul.
Revitalizing and nourishing your spirit to a positive waking state.
And much more…

Listen to this MP3 whenever you need to rejuvenate during the day. Just find a quiet place, start the session and enjoy 10-minutes of power napping.

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