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Life is fast-paced and doesn’t seem to be letting up.

We’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. Stress levels for all generations are through the roof. People are retiring later than ever and even when they do it’s not to a peaceful and quiet existence – stress follows them into retirement.

The fact is most people live their lives in a daily state of mental chaos. Minds never cease from racing whereby most of these thoughts are not only random, but also negative ones as well.

Some stress is inevitable and can’t be avoided so learning techniques to cope is not only key to surviving but also thriving.

Here is where mindfulness techniques can help.

Mindfulness is being in a subjective experience where you enjoy the moment without wearing critical sensors or blinders… the mind is allowed to be in a state of tranquility.

The MP3 you download here is your ticket to be “in the moment” whenever you want. The session is 20-minutes. Long enough to effect a change but short enough to be able to fit into most people’s schedules at least once a day.

This MP3 Mindfulness session has been especially developed by Erika Slater CH to aid you in:


Reducing and coping with stress.
Getting a deeper sleep at night to awaken refreshed.
Controlling and coping with pain.
Obtaining a positive mood by clearing out negative mind chatter.
Boosting your learning development capabilities.
Inducing mental clarity when you need to focus and problem solve.
And much more…

Listen to this MP3 when you wake-up or last thing before sleep, or anytime throughout the day where you need to relax and “quieten your mind.” Just find a quiet place, start the session and enjoy 20-minutes of De-stressing.

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