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I follow-up with all my clients after a few weeks to see how they’re doing.

Some require another session due to a relapse or as a reinforcement. It happens and nothing to fret over.

This is a selection from those that responded to my follow-up. The responses below are not unusual.

Because of the private and sensitive nature of my services some clients do not wish me to disclose specific identifying personal information on a public website about them so I’ve respected their wishes.

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Bill G* Cape Cod, MA

It has been interesting at first seeing just how many things that smoking was involved in, just about everything. I have not had any real bad days, I think about it less but the cravings seem stronger but pass quickly. I feel very good about being a nonsmoker and for the first time I believe I am. Thanks for your help

Pamela Delaney* Milford, MA

I find it much easier to stop eating when I am full and I am taking smaller portions and feeling satisfied.  As soon as I get on a scale I will let you know for sure.   BUT, the last pair of golf shorts I purchased were a 14 down from the 16 I usually wear.

Jade Bredberg* Worcester, MA

I came to see Erika with a little hesitation. I was not sure how it would work. I had tried everything, "cold turkey," patch, gum, Wellbutrin, and nothing seemed to get it out for good - always thinking about smoking. After my first session I felt great! I was relaxed (more than I ever thought possible) - I was different! That smoking thought was gone! In one hour I was a non-smoker. In my mind I was free and clear of smoking. I'm a new changed person. A non-smoker. Thank you!

Marina* MA

I have always been motivated to lose weight. I have knowledge about nutrition and have researched and tried numerous plans. The first few days were challenging for me until I realized what it was that was throwing me a hurdle. With patience and Erika’s guidance through hypnosis, in only a few short days I was able to recognize the ever crucial 'full signal'. I am well on my way to my goal weight and the healthy active lifestyle I have always wanted.

Andrea McAuliffe* Worcester, MA

I've tried to quit smoking several times before. I've tried Wellbutrin, nicotine gum, cold turkey, but nothing worked. I worried that I would never be able to rid of the habit. After meeting with Erika for the first time, I had hoped that I could finally do it. After my session I was able to feel calm and relaxed in the face of situations where I would typically feel the urge to smoke. I was not tempted at all and felt finally in control and finally feel free. I never thought I would be, but I am now a non-smoker. Thank you Erika!

Eileen Penniman* Methuen, MA

Thank you Erika, I’m so happy you have helped me move into the world of happiness and freedom that I deserve. I have been doing great and the only item that I think about is ‘how many cigarettes I would have smoked by now’ but being a nonsmoker, I’m not worried about it! Thank you SO much for helping me to get here. I didn’t realize how MUCH I thought about how/when I was going to have my next cigarette – rather than spend the quality time with others that I should have been doing! I found a new piece of life happiness that I hadn’t known, due to the hold on the cigarettes, but I’m very happy, eating well, and exercising, so that I can try to lose weight as well. Thank you for being such an inspirational, life changing person in my life!

Richard B* Milford, MA

It’s changing the habit inside and this is what you’re given me. I’ve never drank water before… and that’s all I drink now. I don’t miss the soda or other stuff. I feel like I’m finally getting in shape.

Mary* MA

I feel different, a lot more energy. I make very different choices (on food and meal portions) than I did a month ago. I really think about what I’m going to eat. No cravings. No anxiety attacks. I feel great!

Valeska Ross* Templeton, MA

I’ve been a smoker for 15 years. I came to Erika somewhat skeptical about the process. Initially I came just for a consult and ended up getting hypnotized that same day. I walked in the door a smoker and out the door a non-smoker! Truly amazing! No cravings.

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