Why Weight Loss Coaching May be Better for You

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Sometimes we just need a coach to reach our goal…

Are you an individual who has plans for this New Year to lose weight and make changes in your eating habits?

Are you at the point where you need some outside motivation to get your proverbial ball rolling? Then here is something that you should consider: Do you want weight loss therapy, or do you want weight loss coaching?

You are probably asking yourself, “Is there really a big difference between the two?” The answer is yes! Let’s begin by differentiating between the two…

When you engage in weight loss therapy, you are pretty much in a passive or receptive mode. You are there to do what the therapist tells you to do and follow directions.

Your modality for a treatment protocol is pretty much mapped out for you or pleasantly engrained into your unconscious, which is when you are under the guidance of a therapist or a trained hypnotherapist.

Basically, you are given cognitive scripts or post-hypnotic suggestions which are engrained into your mind which will set up a platform for weight loss – eating healthy, removing bad foods from your diet, engaging in physical activities, thinking positive, etc.

In essence, you are given and have the tools implanted into your mind, and move forward with them!

A weight loss coach on the other hand, does the same thing basically but adds an assertive/aggressive component that makes you a more active participant in the thought process for how and why you go about your weight loss program.

In fact, they are in some ways like a “sports psychologist” in that they coach you through, looking at what is working and what is not and making appropriate modifications. The modifications in weight loss coaching involving the upgrading and tweaking of post-hypnotic suggestions for helping individuals take weight loss gains to the next desirable levels.

You see, even though you may be losing the desired weight, you might plateau and get to a point where you can’t go further.

Also, you might get to your desired weight loss goal and then ask yourself, “Now what?” The weight loss coach helps you throughout this process to establish new, fresh goals. A good coach will help you to continue to keep the weight off by coaching you through continual, but gradual lifestyle modifications.

Let’s face it, this weight loss is basically a new way of life and once there, you might believe you can eat anything you like again or slack off exercise and wind up falling back into your old negative patterns.

A good weight loss coach has your back!

They are good listeners and they are like an exceptional travel guide who helps you get to not the original destination you hoped to get to (weight loss) but other destinations (feeling and being healthy).

Your weight loss coach is there to help free you from what you’ve struggled with, but at the same time help you make autonomous decisions which will help you with the rest of your healthy life.

Remember, a good coach learns from their client so open communication is always vital!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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