Why People Don’t Reach Their Weight Loss Goals

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Weight loss is much more than just a diet to be permanent

People who start a weight loss plan have every intention of doing what it takes to reach their weight loss goals, and many do lose the 10 or 20 pounds they want to lose but then struggle to keep the weight off and gain back 5 pounds or more in the next two – four weeks.

Why is this?

What is going on in the brain or body to cause this to happen to 90% of people on a weight loss program.

The simple answer is goal progress. Eh?

Okay, so I have some explaining to do about what I mean by this.

Goal Progress:

Your subconscious mind likes to complete tasks and move onto the next. Once you’ve made enough progress towards a goal it likes to stop working on that goal and move onto the next. If you’re the type of person that has many unfinished projects then you’re susceptible to this phenomenon.

Here’s the way it works with weight loss. You lose the 20 pounds you’d like to lose and then your brain switches to another task such as painting the house or yard work. Diet done – next job please. You gain 10 pounds back in 4 weeks because your subconscious mind is no longer pursuing weight loss.

Goal Progression Can Be Hard Work:

Some people don’t even get as far as losing much weight at all. This is because losing weight can be hard work. Wait a minute – that’s obvious and I shouldn’t need to say it right? Nobody reading this seriously believes they can take a pill or a special plant extract from the Amazon rainforest and lose weight right?

Don’t get me wrong there are pills and plants from the Amazon rainforest that can help you lose weight but they’re part of an overall plan and not the plan.

The hard work I’m talking about is the goal progression before you actually change your diet or lifestyle. People who complete the first session of my weight loss program have already:

  1. Thought long and hard about losing weight.
  2. Been referred to me by a friend or read an ad or article of mine.
  3. Visited my website and/or talked to me on the phone.
  4. Attended their first weight loss session.

… those acts can all be classed as goal progression and hard work – and not even a single ounce of weight has been lost yet.

The subconscious mind equates hard work to goal progression so as far as it is concerned you’re progressed well and ready for a reward. Let’s stop the weight loss task and switch to something not quite as hard, right?

How to Keep the Subconscious Mind Working on the Goal:

So how do you keep your “subconscious eye on the prize” of weight loss?

There are two ways of doing this and the first is sheer willpower and concentration until the subconscious understands weight loss is not a goal but a journey and it keeps you on course automatically as it becomes a habit. Yes, this is more hard work and few make the lifestyle changes permanent.

The second is hypnosis. Hypnosis talks directly to your subconscious mind to make the journey easier – less hard work – by leveraging the power of your mind to change your habits. Hypnosis is especially useful for weight loss programs where a diet alone is just not enough.

Read more information about the elements of a group weight loss hypnosis service here.

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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