Why Making Simple Changes is Powerful for You!

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Keep it simple and avoid disappointment

Have you ever heard the expression of “biting off more than you can chew?

When it comes to making changes in life, this is all too familiar for most. In fact, I will wager that many of you had the best of intentions set forth for the New Year, you know that magical date “January 1st” to stop a bad habit or break a bad habit.

How long did it last before you went back to your old ways, you know the ones you swore up and down you would change?

The key to making and keeping resolutions is simplicity!

Intentions, are the plans or goals of achieving something you have your mind set on. Everyone has goals and “intentions” no matter how small or how large they are.

They can be as simple as deciding when and what you are going to have for lunch, or deciding upon your next trip, buying a new house, losing “x” amount of weight,  or pursuing your dream career.

Intentions can be tangible (materialistic) or intangible (life changes).

When it comes to resolutions, the intentions that most people create for themselves are of the intangible nature. Ironically, it is the intangible ones that people usually have the greatest difficulty carrying out and achieving.

When it comes to keeping resolutions, and then re-upping the ante to “try again” to make them work after repeated set-backs, you need to identify the componential problems surrounding both procrastination and intentions.

Are they realistic?

Are you doing them for “you” because you want the change rather than being forced into it by someone else?

The best way to keep and attain resolutions is to resolve and overcome the underlying problem that keeps getting in the way, that giant elephant in your mental space called procrastination. Did you know that when you continually procrastinate, you also set negatively charged intentions (your resolutions) that are destined to fail?

This is called self-talk, or better yet, the unconscious voices that tell you how things are and how they have been for a long time because you have not challenged them with a new set of positive voices.

The greatest battle most people will ever engage in is the war waged between their ears – the one that continually takes place in their minds! Too many people believe things are as they are, or always will be at a certain point in their lives, or at a certain age. They attempt or “try” to make changes in their lives because it is “in vogue” for the start of a new year, or because everyone else is doing it and they believe they are expected to do likewise.


When the resolution fails, the old self-talk begins, “Oh well, better luck next year!” You don’t have to wait until next year to see changes, rather you can make the change necessary right now and begin living forward.

The important thing to remember is that you need to create the change that you most want to see in your life!

I invite you to start making a change in your life today with the help of a self-talk coach here.

Dr. Peter

Staff Writer
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