Who Do You Think You Are?

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You are who you think you are…

Has anyone ever asked you the question, “Do you really know who you are?” Then they offer you up the qualifier which states you cannot define or explain who you are according to your career, what you’ve accomplished, whose family you belong to, or who you think others see you as.

This second part is when things really get interesting because too often we define ourselves based on how others see us rather than how we truly see ourselves.

So, the question is…How do you see yourself through your own eyes?

Do you have a strong sense of identity when it comes to you? Perhaps you suffer from identity theft – always seeing and feeling the need to identify yourself according to another person, place or thing.

Perhaps the most difficult part of identifying who you are or how you truly want to perceive yourself ties into your sense of self-concept and self-esteem.

Too many people think less of themselves and this translates to them having a poor self-concept. The outcome of this is they believe or accept whatever others say about them, or describe them (even though it is wrong) as the gospel truth.

Furthermore, too many people live according to the perceptions of others, or how others want them to be. For example, Jane is Mark’s wife, or Adam is Sonia’s employee. Whatever happened to Jane “just being” Jane or Adam “just being Adam“?

The true essence of these situations are characteristic of most peoples’ identity crises… they don’t separate themselves from the roles they play every day or what is expected of them.

It’s time to claim the rightful ownership of you!

Who am I?” is the question to ask yourself.

Knowing that you are unique, wonderfully created and have the gift of life, you get to be anyone you want to be in terms of how you see yourself and what you want to accomplish in your life. No one can live for you or truly do your thinking for you.

They can offer you thoughts, but in the end you can accept their opinions, or create your own cognitive scripts – who and what you think you are! Simply, your cognitive scripts start with you and finish with you. You are the architect to not only your life but also what you think.

Therefore, if you think you are a good person, then you are right. If you think you are successful and loveable, you are right again.

Conversely, if you think you are a loser, again you are right. Be careful as to what you think about yourself because you are always right in terms of what you are willing to believe about who and what you are!

In defining yourself, in terms of who and what you want to be, think power thoughts whereby you think the best about yourself.

Creating mantras in terms of how you want to see yourself and be, and repeating them throughout the day will become engrained in your unconscious and eventually become your reality.

If you have a difficult time creating these scripts, hypnosis is an exceptional way to speed up the process and get good perceptions of yourself into your unconscious mind.

Click here to get started thinking positive about yourself today!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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