When it Comes to Exercise – Just Do It Now!

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We can all find reasons to put exercise off…

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to the hard things in your life? Do you always start out with the best of intentions only to either fall short of your mark, or never start at all?

This is a common theme for many when it comes to exercising and getting into healthy physical shape. Most people dream about starting an exercise program and wish for the optimal results that this program will reward them with physically.

The problem for most is getting started.

If that isn’t enough to deter you, actually doing the fitness program a couple or few times can seem so overwhelming that you give up! You do not see the result immediately, which most want to see, so you start to think how much work a couple of fitness sessions were and when you figure out how many more you are going to have to do, the mountain you feel you are climbing is too big.

At that point, this is when procrastination kicks in for many. They will tell themselves, “I have waited this long, or gone this long, so what is another day…I will get around to it.

Many people really believe this and they trick their minds into thinking this reality will come to pass. The only problem is they are only fooling themselves. In order for momentum and success to occur, you have to take action.

Action needs to begin in the present and not tomorrow, or eventually.

What is the greatest thing holding you back from exercising and getting the body you want? If you said, “You” then you answered correctly. The “You” is your ability to settle for mediocrity which means accepting procrastination. You might say that you, “Just need some kind of motivation or kick start to get going!

If that is the case then I have just the right thing for you… HYPNOSIS!

There is nothing magical about hypnosis. What hypnosis can do is give you the kick start that you are seeking.

It is best to seek out a qualified hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist can implant positive suggestions into your unconscious mind in as little time as one session. Under hypnosis, the therapist will help you to see and believe in yourself accomplishing your weight loss and fitness goals.

You see, the unconscious mind doesn’t know fact from fiction. If you are telling it that you love to work out and diet right, and it is a daily activity for yourself, then it will not only remind you to do it, it will establish an internal craving within you to want to work out.

Even if you try to procrastinate, the unconscious mind will remind you that you want to work out and show you in your mind images of where you want to get to.

The therapist can help you visualize and feel your goals as already being achieved while under hypnosis. This becomes a reality to your unconscious mind. With that said, your unconscious mind will do whatever it takes to take you to that reality.

The post-hypnotic suggestions and images serve a homing pattern on your unconscious GPS system. Even though procrastination may try to detour or derail your plans, because of hypnosis, your unconscious mind will set you back on course!

If you’re looking for a fitness program motivator you can find a great self-starter MP3 here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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