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This information is intended ONLY for Weight Loss clients of Free At Last Hypnosis. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS RESOURCE WITH ANYBODY.

You have paid for this material so please do not hand it over to somebody who has not!

Please watch and listen to the following video in its entirety - its 13 minutes in length. This is a recording of one of my client's - Paul - who visited with one of my group weight loss clinics and shared his experiences with the group. Paul did everything I asked him to do and because of this he had amazing results. This is what I want you to get from your clinic, but as I've said already I am not a magician and it is a partnership with you. Stay with the program and don't alter it or take pieces of it, but commit to the whole program and commit to seeing it through, and you will experience the same results as Paul.

And you will make the Weight Loss Journey Once!



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Weight Loss - 1

Listen to this hypnosis session at least once a day for the next two weeks.


Affirmation Bonus Track

This track can be listened to anytime and is good for playing in the background when driving or on your computer.

Removing Guilt:

Step 1.

Imagine your time line on the floor.

Access the feeling of guilt. To do this think about something that makes you feel guilty. Notice how you hold guilt as a feeling on your body. If it is just in your head then fine but usually if you pay attention you will find sensations in your body too.

Step 2.

Walking back down you timeline to a guilty event of the past - recall the earliest memory of feeling guilty . Remember everything about that event – the sights, the sounds, who else if anyone else was there and what actually happened.

Step 3.

Go even further back in time to before the guilty event when you felt differently.

This can be 10 minutes before or day before or a week before. Doesn’t matter. Go back to an even earlier time when you felt very differently. Notice how you body posture will change. Notice how you feel differently.


Keeping this body posture from the earlier time – walk your time line through the guilty event through to the present day. If your memory is from child hood – scamper just as you would is you were 5.

The aim is to journey through memories from before the guilty event through to present day with a neutral feeling. All of this will be done out of your awareness.

Most of the time this will work the first time but you may need to 2 or 3 repetitions.


Guilt Checklist:

Here are some areas for you to explore:

Guilt after eating certain ‘forbidden’ foods – the guilt doesn’t stop you eating it the next time does it? It actually sets up the behavior of rewarding or treating yourself with that forbidden food. The guilt traps people into behavior they want to change.

After bingeing.

Mother’s guilt/Father’s guilt. Women take the lions share here.

Failed relationships.

Something you once said to someone. They may have since died and apologies are not possible.

Something you didn’t say to someone.

Betrayal of trust.

Stealing something and not getting caught.

Guilt about over eating.

Guilt about being successful.

Guilt about being affluent.

Guilt about lies you told as a child.

Guilt about being ‘self absorbed’ when it comes to getting control of your life and body.


Week 1 Eating Rules:

  1. Eat ONLY when hungry. When you are hungry EAT!
  2. Eat until you are satisfied – not stuffed.
  3. Eat from the permissible foods only.


  1. Increase your water intake.


Permissible foods:

You may ONLY eat protein and vegetables. Eat the protein in greater or equal quantities to the vegetables. Protein means beef, lamb, pork, ham, all poultry and game, all fish and eggs. Basically if the protein source once had eyes you can eat it! Technically eggs don’t have eyes but they would have.

If you are a vegetarian then you may eat soy products such as tofu. Flavored protein drinks – even the Atkins type are not allowed. They are very sweet tasting and we are bringing the desire for that level of sweetness down.

Cheese may be used as a flavoring such as grated cheese on meatballs or salad but it cannot be considered a major protein source. Likewise cottage cheese despite its protein content cannot be used as the protein source because of its high carbohydrate level.

You can eat any vegetables you want except potatoes or sweet potatoes. Peas, carrot, squash, turnips and all root vegetables are allowed. No corn is allowed. Corn is a grain not a vegetable anyway. To increase your protein intake you can add unflavored protein whey to milk.

Nuts and nut butters are allowed – be judicious in the quantities. Avocados and tomatoes are also allowed.

Butter, coconut oil and olive oil are allowed. You may drink milk any time you want. I drink whole milk but for some this is a culture shock as you have been brought up on the low fat mantra. Do what feels right for you.

NO :
Sweets of any kind – candy, cookies, cakes AND fruit.
Artificial sweeteners – in fact they are banished.
Grain or wheat products – bread, pasta, rice etc etc

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR A SCALE – if possible hide it or put it away. For the most part a meaningless number. Would you care if you weighed 200lbs if you fit into a size 4?


What to expect:

Just as a heads up you may experience any of the following - generally referred to as a “healing crisis”:

  • Head aches/migraines.
  • Loose bowels/constipation.
  • Feeling tired or sleepy.
  • Feeling as if you are coming down with something like a cold or flu.

Hang in there because great things are around the corner!!!

If you are diabetic check your numbers as normal but do not be surprised to see them go down.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Clicking on some of the links on any of my pages and purchasing a product could result in a commission being paid to Free At Last Hypnosis. These are products we use ourselves and believe offer the best value to our clients. But we advise you to perform your own review before ever purchasing a product to ensure it is the right product for you.

Erika Slater, CH
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