Weight Loss Hypnosis Breaks the Vicious Cycle of Failure

It’s so easy to slip out of your diet…

The constant merry-go-round of losing pounds and putting them back on is discouraging. Using hypnosis for weight loss breaks this vicious cycle of failure.

Losing weight can seem a discouraging and torturous journey for many people.

It’s too often a constant battle of shedding weight and thinking you’ve got it licked only to have all those pounds – and more – return.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hypnosis tackles the reasons for eating more than you need.

It addresses things you do to sabotage  your progress such as emotional or stress eating… and much more.

The goal of hypnosis  is not just to get rid of excess weight but to achieve a healthy body weight.

Getting rid of those pounds around your middle (or any other part of your body) that cause you unwanted frustration and stress matters but so does helping you to develop new and healthier habits that can be yours to keep.

Visualizing yourself as a slimmer individual can help to start you down the right path but we all know affirmations and visualizations only get you so far until your mind catches on to this trick and ignores it. Let’s be truthful if it was easy as saying a few words each day we’d all be slim and healthy fit.

Hypnosis delves deeper than just pictures and words and works harder to make your goal a reality. It looks into the hidden and subconscious side of your mind and addresses the weight issue. It does this by modifying your self picture. It also does this by changing the way you look at food. Whether you like it or not everyone has a relationship with food.

Dropping Pounds Starts with Hypnosis:

Hypnosis for weight loss begins with an assessment of a person’s eating habits. It’s important to figure out why you overeat and what is the motivating factor behind why you consume more food then your body requires for fuel?

Most of us develop negative habits over time and this is what hypnosis addresses. These habits include eating too much food at any one meal, eating unhealthy foods or eating food late at night.

It’s common for a person to try to lose weight time and time again and to be unsuccessful at losing it and/or keeping it off. Working with a professional hypnotist, the individual can figure out what false ideas lay beneath the failure to lose weight.

Let’s use a concrete example to illustrate.

Many people succumb to emotional eating. This means they eat to feel better about themselves or to fight sadness, boredom, loneliness or feelings of depression. In this way the person eats to fill an empty space in their life. The eating is psychological in nature and is no longer simply about taking in the right amount of nutrients to feed the body.

Once the reason for poor eating habits is exposed then the individual is free to move forward to achieve their weight loss goals. Hypnosis for the purpose of shedding pounds can benefit the individual by developing new and healthier habits and attitudes towards food. The treatment can also help the individual to begin to heal themselves emotionally.

Hypnosis can act as a guide to help a person shed pounds and begin to feel better about themselves. It’s an excellent way to improve one’s self image, as well as to increase self confidence levels and to begin to feel more empowered. An empowered person is a happier, more fulfilled person who is ready to embrace life in every way possible.. and of course to lose weight.

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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