Ways to Overcome Knee Pain

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For those suffering with knee pain…

Anyone who has ever played sports such as football, hockey, basketball or gymnastics can relate to the pain that comes with nerve, ligament and tendon damage caused by wear and tear.

Most people with chronic knee problems will experience the pain instantly upon getting out of their beds in the morning, and most likely whenever they are climbing up stairs.

For some, the pain can become so excruciating that they have to sit down for a moment, and in some cases, the pain causes their knee to buckle, perhaps causing them to fall.

Does pain in the knee have to be a permanent experience?

The very first thing someone with chronic knee pain should do is consult their physician and have them check it, or be referred to a specialist. There might be some serious damage involving cartilage, a tendon or a bad ligament tear.

Perhaps there is a tremendous amount of scar tissue build-up in the knee which is the cause of the pain.

Depending on the severity of the damage, one might consider receiving the prescribed surgery to mend their knee permanently whether it be a simple procedure such as arthroscopic surgery, or in severe cases, an entire knee replacement. It is important to discern what is causing the intense pain in one’s knee whereby it is rendering them immobile, and perhaps a more permanent solution (medical treatment) is required.

For those who have minor knee pain that is bearable, then ideally they can be treating their knee problems from home and it doesn’t take too long each day.

If you have injured your knee recently, the best approach is obviously rest – stay off it until it gets stronger in that you do not exert it too much. Ice and heat are an excellent treatment modality for treating knee pain.

Applying ice two to three times a day is an excellent treatment elevating the knee and keeping it on for 10-15 minutes.

If the knee is not swollen, after icing and engaging in physical activity, many experts suggest applying moist heat (wet wash cloth) to the knee to help restore flexibility. If you are going to engage in lots of walking or physical activity, using elastic wraps or other therapeutic braces or supports are another option to help keep the knee stabilized and sturdy.

Before doing any of these things, once again it is important to consult with your physician to see if these are the proper treatments for your knee, as well as anyone using over the counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medication.

With Web MD and so many websites, too many are playing physician for themselves and perhaps not getting the proper or correct medical treatment that they are requiring.

Hypnosis is also an excellent aid for assisting in chronic knee pain, even while getting proper medical treatments or physiotherapy. Under the guidance of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can learn pain blocking exercises that will minimize the amount of pain you will be experiencing during the healing process.

If you have a damaged knee, the nerves there will generate pain signals, however, we can alter how the brain responds to these signals using hypnosis. Check out this session for dealing specifically with knee pain here >>>

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Staff Editor
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