Ways of Coping and Easing Migraine Headaches

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Are you an individual who suffers from migraine headaches?

Are they so bad that when you get one, they put you out of commission for hours?

For some people, not only is the pain bad, but they feel extremely nauseated, dizzy as well and making them appear very ill-looking. Shutting themselves away in a darkened room lying on the bed is a common coping mechanism. Sufferers just want to disappear for hours or even a whole day until they begin to feel like their good ole selves again.

Some people don’t have the hours or days to spare, so they want something to work fast.

Let’s face it, Aspirin isn’t working, or even their prescription drugs, so perhaps they need something else that can help speed the healing process along.

I’ve had the occasional pounding headaches in my life but never a consistent stream of them to be classed as a migraine sufferer. But I know a few people who get them regularly and so know how dilapidating to a person’s health they can be, and so wanted to provide some information and possible help in this post today.

Let’s start at the beginning…



Chocolate Bar ImageMigraines are complex headaches which involve the brain and the blood vessels around it. Often times it’s believed certain triggers in the environment may be the culprit for prompting the onset of the headache.

These triggers could be sensory in nature; scents or light, which creates a chemical change in the brain that irritates the pain sensing nerves in the head and causes blood vessels to expand.

It’s worth noting that migraine headaches could have a hereditary component as its common to run in families.

There’s also some ‘genetic’ components to migraines such as women due to hormonal changes during their periods, as well as puberty, and subsiding for good around menopause.

There are also certain foods and chemicals which also trigger migraine headaches.

Research has shown that individuals prone to these types of headaches may experience them more if they use MSG (monosodium glutamate), aspartame, fermented foods, as well as tobacco, aged cheeses, caffeine, chocolate and beer or red wine (tyramine).

There are also environmental factors which can lead to severe migraine headaches such as changes in the barometric pressure (humidity). Personal habits such as lack of sleep, acute stress and hunger can also lead to migraines.

The fact is migraine sufferers want to know how to better control a headache once it starts…



Migraine Medication Concept ImageWhen sufferers feel the onset of a migraine coming on, they retreat to cooler, darker, quiet places to minimize the pain and try to control it. As stated before, this can take hours. Often times when the headache is arising, individuals focus on the pain and get stressed out about what is happening to them again, and start to feed into it, thus provoking it to grow steadfastly worse than it need be.

Prescription drugs are available to both prevent migraines and reduce impact if you get one.

Because there are a number of drugs available to treat migraines you must consult with your Doctor to pinpoint one that’ll work for your condition and any other medications you may be taking.

Some medications can relieve the pain and symptoms of a migraine headache. Other medications can prevent further attacks. Most medications have side effects so be sure to understand them before choosing one.

Because stress is common to many type of headaches including migraines then alternative treatments such as bio-feedback and hypnosis can work well for people.

Bio-feedback machines are expensive and require formal training to be use effectively but many Psychologists and Hypnotherapists have them available in their practice. They work to help you control and reduce your stress level. You can also now purchase home use devices.

Hypnosis Therapist Concept ImageHypnosis is another tool for moderating migraine headaches at the onset, and eliminating it from growing more painful.

Unfortunately, when you focus on something you don’t want, you tend to get more of it because that’s what your attention is targeted on.

Remember, where thoughts go, energy flows.

When you tell yourself, “I mustn’t get a migraine!”, you’re most likely setting yourself up to get one, and an intense one at that, as your mind is focused on ‘migraines.”

Hypnosis can help relax both mind and body, stopping the stress of perceiving a migraine headache from growing worst. In fact, hypnosis can distract the mind, and can also be used to ‘numb’ the pain.

Seek out a hypnotherapist in your local area and who has experience of stress reduction control or consider learning self-hypnosis from a hypnotist.

Obviously this takes time and a little practice, but people who have used hypnosis for tension and migraine headaches have reported good results. Check out this session to combat migraines before they get started here >>>



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