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Oftentimes people get the wrong impression when it comes to ‘self-pride’ or feeling too proud.

The misconception is if you feel too proud, or live with a sense of pride, it must mean you think you’re better than others, or think way too highly of yourself.

But if you’re thinking this way it’s totally wrong, and guess what?

It’s okay to think highly of yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will, because if you think lowly of yourself, you’ll invite people to treat you that way.

Now I know, it kind of sounds like a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t conundrum’, but that’s just not the case!



Cocky Young BusinessmanThe concept ‘proud’ often times get misused or misconstrued with ‘cockiness’. Perhaps this is a by-product of seeing it in the media when an athlete or celebrity, whom is cocky/acting cocky, used the term ‘proud’ to describe themselves.

Furthermore, it may have come about by people who are jealous of your success, or the successes of others who claim they’re proud of their work, but those who are jealous refer to it as being ‘cocky.’

Herein lays the misconceptions and perceptions with wanting to feel ‘proud’ about yourself, and taking pride in who you are and what you’re accomplishing in your life.

When you’re ‘proud’ it means, you take pride in yourself and what you do and accomplish – personality, qualities, creativity, work ethic, accomplishments, etc.

Having a true sense of pride means showing a sense of humility, rather than boasting or bragging about what you’ve accomplished or what you have.

It’s okay to acknowledge your success, and even discuss it if it’s going to inspire others, as well as yourself to push yourself to new levels.

There’s nothing wrong with being content with what you have or have accomplished, but you should never be satisfied as ‘satisfaction’ will keep you at that level and deter you from reaching for greater heights.

Too often people who believe pride is a bad thing have a very difficult time receiving compliments from other people. They brush compliments off, and even without meaning to don’t accept the compliment, and effectively belittle the person who paid the compliment.

They believe if they accept a compliment, they’re undeserving of it, or they feel uncomfortable receiving it.

Essential many folks have been taught to be humble and modest, and once again, they’re confused with how they should feel about being complimented.

If you’re into celebrating other people and their accomplishments, then it’s high time to not only allow people to celebrate you with open arms, but celebrate your own achievements. When you do this, it improves your own self-esteem as well as your self-confidence for doing bigger and better things.

If you have difficulty processing or creating positive feelings for yourself, then it’s important to change this…



Self-Compassion Concept ImageFeeling the right kind of pride not only helps with increasing your self-esteem but also reinforces self-compassion as you’ll be kinder to yourself.

In many ways, self-compassion is easier to understand and do something about as most of us tend to be hard on ourselves when things go wrong or not as planned, and we’re really good and quick to do this which effectively “dents our pride.”

So, beginning to be more self-compassionate when we make mistakes is a first step towards creating an atmosphere of being proud about ourselves.

There are many little things we can do each day to make ourselves proud and I found quite a few of these lists when researching for this article. However, they were mostly about eating well or saving money and while these are definitely good things to do, and be proud of, these actions were not at the level I hoped to convey in this section.

But here are a few I feel would contribute to getting you to a place of pride.

Recognize your accomplishments. Most of us achieve a lot in a day – if you’re a parent, or ever have been one, you’ll know what I mean. Recognize yourself as a colleague at work who helped another colleague on a project or meet a deadline.

If you work in customer service or a call center, likely you helped a bunch of people today get what they wanted, and without you they may not have got it, or treated in the positive way you did towards them.

Integrity Honesty Ethics signBe there for a friend. The way you treat family, friends, and strangers says a lot about your values and ethics. Taking time out to help a friend when they need it most is something to be proud of, and likely not something your friend will take for granted… even if you do.

Frank Sonnenberg asks us to live with honor (& honesty my words) and integrity. He lists twelve ways to live with honor and integrity and if you can strive to keep his ways in focus as you go through making decisions each day then it’ll keep you on a proud path.

For sure, you’ll not reach the end of every day and be proud of your accomplishments or the way it went. Some days will be… awful.

Hey, some days it rains, but even the rain is needed to give us the beautiful flowers when the sun comes out. And just like baseball you get to play the fascinating “game of life” all over again the next day.

But, frankly, some of us are not starting in a good place as regards how we feel about ourselves, and need help in changing our attitude and getting to a proud place.

If this is you, then hypnosis can be an exceptional tool for effecting this change.

Through reprogramming your thinking, and post-hypnotic suggestions, you’ll start to feel better about yourself, and this in turn will aid you in expressing yourself in a more positive light.

Seek out a local hypnotherapist or consider a self-hypnosis program to support you increasing your sense of pride in your accomplishments.

If you’re ready to increase your level of self-belief and give yourself the credit you deserve then this hypnosis session may be just the positive ticket for you. Check it out here today >>>



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Live with Honor and Integrity

Erika Slater CH
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