Ways to Calm Your Mind and Body

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Use these simple ways to get yourself relaxed…

Do you have a difficult time relaxing and shutting the thoughts that continually race around in your mind like squash balls ricocheting out of control off of walls?

Do you find it difficult to just relax your body and feel good? Then maybe you need a simple course in learning how to relax the right way – feeling deeply relaxed in both mind and body at the same time.

Why is it so hard to relax and just unwind for many people? You will hear people say they wish they could just learn to relax more, or want to feel a state of calmness and peace. With that said, they are continually in state of unrest and being uptight.

We live in a society that is “go, go, go” and when people are not stressed, or they are trying to relax, they worry that they are being lazy, or that they should be out somewhere doing something productive.

Too many people feel guilty for relaxing or thinking about relaxing!

If you are going to relax and calm yourself then you have to make the conscious choice to do it and know that you deserve to feel good. There are excellent ways to bring about instant calmness and relaxation. Obviously going for a massage will bring you instant physical relaxation, but often times it is momentary as the mind kicks into full gear again once the session is over and you get the racing thoughts.

Perhaps two full proof ways for getting there fast and maintaining mental relaxation/calmness is through meditation or hypnosis.

There are excellent meditation CD’s and programs available for anyone to do from home, or even somewhere quiet during the course of a day in a matter of minutes to help calm themselves and remove the mindless mental clutter which may overwhelm them.

Good meditation programs will teach you visualization techniques which incorporate breathing exercises. By focusing on your breathing, you are taught to enter into a state of moment to moment awareness which assists in removing the disturbing thoughts which may overwhelm you.

Hypnosis is an even better approach for removing mental stress and producing tremendous levels of physical and emotional calmness/relaxation.

Like meditation, you can work through self-hypnosis MP3’s from home which help you get into states of deep relaxation whenever you need it, even if it is often to start out. Click here to check out this MP3 relaxation session!

If you have the chance to see a hypnotherapist in person then that will be even better and will most likely provide you with instant and lasting results much faster. You see, with a trained hypnotherapist, you can target areas that stress you out. In brainstorming those things which cause you to stress out, the hypnotherapist can help you develop post-hypnotic suggestions that will block out the thoughts from intensifying and stressing you out as they are starting.

The post hypnotic cues will help you shift into a place (thoughts/feelings) which bring you instant relaxation.

Once you start to do this often, over a period of time, those thoughts or experiences which brought you a lot of stress in the past will become over-taken by good thoughts which bring instant relaxation, peace and joy!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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