Walking Away From the Damage of Perfectionalism

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Is striving for a perfect score every time best for you?

Are you a person who is sensitive to and driven to the tiniest of details no matter what you are doing? Does your attention to detail cause you to be obsessive and compulsive in ensuring that everything that you do or try is perfect?

Is this obsessive and compulsive way of doing things creating stress and frustration in the lives of people around you? Is this “perfectionist” way of doing things making you tired and feeling like you are at burnout?

Perhaps it is time to lighten up a little or a lot, and accept the fact that no one is perfect and best of all, no one has to be perfect one hundred percent of the time!

Where does this sense of perfectionism come from?

It is usually learned early in our lives from parents, either observing them or being instructed by them.

Receiving comments such as, “Cleanliness is next to godliness“, “No one remembers second best“, “You are measured by the degree of your success“, “Failure is for losers,” and so on, are the statements that stick with so many of us and we carry them into our adult lives and believe the only way to be accepted by everyone else, including ourselves is to be perfect 100% of the time.

Unless you are the divine and almighty God, then your chances of being perfect 100% of the time will create for you many feelings of disappointment, frustration and stress you to the max.

It’s time to stop trying to be perfect in everything you do and time to start “perfecting” being human – living with flaws, idiosyncrasies and being wrong (okay maybe just occasionally) and embracing imperfections starting with yourself!

In reading this perhaps you are ready to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and stop your perfectionist way of thinking and doing things. Did you know that those who are “perfectionist” will most likely have a difficult time with this because of their “trying to be perfect” mentality?

They will use thought processes such as, “I must not think this way!” Already, they are using a perfectionist word “must” as well as a negative in the word “not” which the unconscious mind does not recognize. So what you get is “I must think this way!” Here begins the battle of mental gymnastics of the mind in “trying not to think a certain way” but you perpetuate this way of thinking by focusing on it even though you are trying not to – perfectionist thinking.

The key to walking away from perfectionist thinking is to not try and fight the thoughts of perfectionism, rather embrace them as your thoughts  first (It’s okay to have thoughts you no longer like) and then consciously replace them with neutral or positive thoughts.

Don’t dwell on the thoughts you don’t want, rather shift your thinking to thoughts you do want.

It’s okay to remind yourself each and every day that, “No one is perfect!“, “So I make mistakes, so does everyone else!”, or “No biggie!” Remind yourself its okay to be you. There are great self-help CD’s and self-hypnosis MP3’s which help retrain the mind in these areas.

You will learn how to almost perfect the choice to not have to be 100% perfect!

To start on your not perfect mindset check out this MP3 session here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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