Visualization Techniques for Stress and Anxiety Relief

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Visualization is a powerful tool to control stress

I know I’ve talked about visualization techniques before and how important it can be in achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

But it’s a versatile technique that can be used to overcome stress and anxiety as well.

To quickly recap on what visualization is all about and how it works picture a goal you want to achieve – choose an activity such as walking or running or shooting hoops. Now relax and close your eyes and picture you winning that race or making a 3-point basket. Go through all the steps such as picking the ball up, bouncing it on the ground, and taking the shot and it going in the basket – 3 pointer!

Now you can’t do this just once but you have to rehearse it many times for your subconscious to register it as your reality. You get the picture… no pun intended.

The same technique can be used to help with anxiety over an activity you have to face such as an important presentation coming up at work. Visualize yourself giving the presentation going through the slides and conveying the information in a confident manner. Repeat this many times. You will feel prepared, less anxious and already tuned-in to give a top performance as in your subconscious… you already have.

Others forms of stress can be caused by expectations others have of you such as situations with your own kids or again work related. This visualization in this context will be different.

Find a quiet place and comfortable chair and make sure you’ll not be disturbed.

Close your eyes and think of a favorite place you enjoy being at doing a peaceful activity. It can be a fabulous beach you walked along or a hike with wonderful views. Whatever it is visualize that place and doing that activity you find relaxing and peaceful.  Stroll along the beach with the sound of the waves lapping, or walk to a summit point and gaze out over the other peaks and scenery.  Experience the vividness of that place and you feeling relaxed and calm as the stress melts away.

Visualization is not mumbo jumbo therapy but used by all top athletes the world over. NFL players practice the perfect touchdown or quarterback pass. MLB batters rehearse hitting bombs out of the park, and of course NBA stars practice mental 3-pointers.

Usain Bolt has long visualized breaking the tape first at the Olympic 100-meter dash over and over again – and he did.

Okay – you’re not a world athlete, I know. But that doesn’t stop you leveraging the same techniques they use to overcome and control your stress.

Start using these visualization techniques now to control your anxiety level and get the relief you deserve. If you need more assistance to get your anxiety under control check out this MP3 self-hypnosis session here.

Erika Slater
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