Too Much Texting?

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Texting has become distracting…

Recently I wrote a book Technological Rage (which is available for free online) on texting and social media addictions leading to rage.

While my team was doing our research into this phenomenon, I was blown away by not only how many adults are addicted to these mediums, but young people and kids as well.

Get this… In some cases, we were getting “tweens” sending as many as 20,000-30,000 text messages as month!

Yes, you read that right and this was during the school year.

So this means, that many kids and teens, not to mention adults are engaging in too much social media when their minds should be on more important things such as school and work respectively.

What sorts of repercussions are occurring when individuals engage in too much social media?

I am sure as the years go by, I can only imagine that more individuals will be complaining about carpal tunnel syndrome and other finger and joint problems. And no one knows what the long-term effects of engaging in devices that produce possible radiation and electric waste will incur.

Only time will tell!

In the meantime, I did a little investigating myself to find out if people are still getting into accidents while they are driving because they are texting. And the answer is a resounding yes!

I spoke with several cops and they informed me that too many teens and young adults are the ones texting while driving. In the past many people would run yellow and red lights as they approached them. Today, many can’t wait to stop so they can check their phones, or send off a quick text message.

I asked many young people if they text and drive, and text and do anything for that matter?

Many told me that they did.

Furthermore, many told me they believe they have an emotional/social addiction to texting.

Herein lies the problem or issue that some people just can’t go long enough, meaning driving even without texting. Since the quality of texts are shorter because they have to be faster, they are not emotionally laden in content and often times requires explanations which further instigates more texting.

A message that could be conveyed in a two minute phone call gets dragged out sometimes for two hours like a soap opera.

People who possess texting addictions are addicted to the process of texting, rather than the communication itself!

The problem is however that the quality of communication is being compromised as messages are becoming misconstrued, people are using short forms which is effecting their spelling and grammatical skills, and perhaps the worst thing with texting is that it is taking the emotional factor out of face to face, or voice to voice communication.

What this all boils down to is that people are becoming poor communicators the more they rely on or become addicted to texting.

Communication is becoming not only a lost skill, but something of the past.

Parents need to intervene and set limits on how often or how many text messages their children can send. Moreover, adults with texting addictions first need to learn to foster control and discipline over their own texting addictions!

If your child is addicted to texting, it may be beneficial for them to learn about overcoming social media addictions – click here to get started.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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