You Are What You Think Most About

mind body soul spirit imageThe concept of “you are what you think most about” may or may not resonate with you. This concept has nothing to do with “the law of attraction” stuff, but more about your attitude and state of mind.

How we feel about ourselves and our day is dictated by our thoughts. If things are going well and everything is alright with the world then we feel energized because our thoughts will be generally positive. If we’ve suffered some setbacks or had a bad day then we feel lackluster and even depressed as our thoughts tend to dwell on the negative.

In the third part of Dr. Peter’s Mind Body Connection series entitled “Mind Body Connection – Thinking, Feeling, and Becoming” he offers some entertaining examples of how this works and what to do to keep yourself moving forward to achieve your goals.

Dr Peter explains we have three basic ways of dealing with a situation. The first is to over react and invoke a detrimental behavior bordering on destructive. The second is accepting the situation to keep the status quo and stay in their comfort zone or “the lazy way out.”

The third response is to engage in a constructive mind body connection where the situation is looked at as an opportunity to bring about positive change.

Dr. Peter encourages us to pay attention to what we are thinking rather than focusing on how we feel at the moment. Our thoughts create our feelings so it makes sense to tackle the issue at root – our thoughts – to effect the change in the outcome – our feelings.

I hope you enjoy discovering more about this way of thinking in our Mind Body Connection series.

Read Part III of our series here.

Erika Slater, CH
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