Top Ten Methods to Quit Smoking – Part II

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So you’ve decided to quit but which method to help?

In the first of this two part series we covered the first five methods of hypnosis, gum, patches, and prescription drugs and of course “cold turkey.” You can read it here >>>

In this part we’ll cover the final five most popular methods. These introduce some newer methods of quitting such as electronic cigarettes, CBT and meditation.

Other methods such as acupuncture is an ancient medicine form but used most recently to help people stop smoking. Self-hypnosis products and books have also been available for a number of years, and useful for those who located or isolated from a professional or group that can help.

I hope you enjoy the second section of this special report…

  1. Acupuncture is another popular method for quitting smoking.  Initial session with the therapist will usually cost anywhere $50 to $125.00. Depending on the receptivity of the patient and how effective the method is working, some clients may not require long-term treatment. If you dislike needles, then this method is not for you! Acupuncture can help overcome the cravings if they’re acute.
  1. Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are also popular for reducing the harmful habit of smoking (Over 400 chemicals in cigarettes). The goal in using this type of device is to act as a cessation tool , weaning the individual off of cigarettes as the individual takes a drag using the atomizer which heats the air drawn into the electronic device to a high enough temperature that it vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution . The vapor becomes inhaled into the mouth and lungs which create the smoking experience and satisfying the cravings. The end goal is to get away from or stop using this device as one becomes less enthralled with smoking!
  1. Self-hypnosis products are a great source for quitting smoking. They usually come in one of two forms: CD/MP3’s or books. With CD/MP3’s, they are much easier to use as the hypnotherapist’s voice will lead you through the exercises for attaining deep relaxation states leading to hypnosis. Some CD’s are very good as they contain relaxing music and sounds of nature to create a mood of relaxation/meditation. Some even possess subliminal messages in the music which get into your unconscious to help you quit. MP3’s because they are digital can be downloaded to a music player and without having to wait for a physical product to be delivered. Books describing a self-hypnosis process can be a longer path to success as it requires a large amount of time and commitment with nobody to guide you.
  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is progressive psychological method for quitting smoking. This is best accomplished through appointments with trained counselors who specialize in CBT. Individuals are taught self-empowerment strategies, self-efficacy and living in the moment (here and now) and how to control and change the thoughts which lead to their smoking addiction. Costs are sometimes very high to see a CBT counselor, so support groups that focus on quitting smoking using a CBT principle are an excellent option as well.
  1. Meditation techniques are becoming popular for helping to quit especially for people who practice meditation already. There are different types and levels of meditation to choose from. Depending on one’s receptivity and openness to this type of method will determine how successful they are in quitting. There are great CD’s which teach you to meditate at home, or you can join community groups which teach you.

This completes my rundown of the Top Ten Methods for quitting smoking. They are diverse and suited to fit all types of budgets and commitment level. There are no secrets in quitting smoking. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

A person in a forum may advocate the “Cold Turkey” method or self-hypnosis books because that is what they did and it worked, and they may disdain against hypnosis for stop smoking or even acupuncture. Just keep an “open mind” and approach any method with a critical eye – even if it is free!

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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