Top Ten Methods to Quit Smoking – Part I

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So you’ve decided to quit but which method to help?

Everyone likes a Top Ten list when it comes to understanding or relating to what is “the best” in whatever class you are rating. When it comes to quitting smoking, a Top Ten class is no different!

While I am a professional hypnotist and so you would assume I recommend using hypnosis over everything else, the fact is people come to me with different reasons for quitting, personal history, and level of commitment. I carefully pick those I think will be successful using hypnosis and often recommend one of the other options to try first to others.

There is no telling really which method will be the least effective for quitting smoking, but I will make a brief list of the best methods in my own Top Ten and tell you the merits for each one of them.

This article is split into two parts. In this part we’ll cover the first five methods….

  1. Hypnosis by far seems to be the most effective and potentially cheapest method with the highest success rate in the shortest amount of time. It is also natural and safe. Hypnotists vary in the number of sessions they offer for a quit smoking program. It generally ranges from 1-4 sessions. A session can cost anywhere from $100 – $300 and last for 1-6 hours. Hypnotists who specialize in smoking cessation usually offer one long session ranging from $400 – $1,000. Professional hypnotists usually offer a free follow-up session if smoking begins within a certain period. Many health plans – such Blue Cross – cover the cost of the sessions or at least subsidize it. Talk to your plan administrator first. Most hypnotists are not setup to take insurance due to the administration challenges but they will provide you an invoice you can use for reimbursement.
  1. Nicotine gum is the most popular pharmaceutical method used to try quitting. It is readily accessible and easy to get. On average, if you were looking to use this method, then expect to pay roughly, an average retail cost of $220.00 for nicotine gum based on an average cost of $195.00 for 2 mg and $250.00 for 4 mg over a three month period. If you only have a psychological addiction to smoking (oral fixation) and do not have a nicotine addiction, then you can save a ton of money by just using regular chewing gum!
  1. A Nicotine Patch, also known as “the patch” is another popular pharmaceutical method individuals can use to try and stop. It is very comparable to the gum. In some instances a doctor’s script is required. It may also be covered under one’s medical plan if they are lucky. If you are considering the patch you can expect to pay an average retail cost of $155.00 for the nicotine patch which is one patch a day. Also, you are likely to need at least an eight week supply.
  1. For those interested in trying drugs to quit smoking, then Zyban is the most popular pharmaceutical drug on the market. Whether prescribed by a doctor or purchased on the open market, once can expect to pay $180.00 for a 60 tablet supply (150 mg). One should also study the potential side-effects for using this drug for a prolonged period of time! The risk is substantial for drugs. Always take these prescription drugs under the care and advisement of your Doctor.
  1. Quitting “cold turkey” is another popular option for individuals who become “sick and tired” of smoking and learn to say “Enough is enough!” The bottom line in this approach is one just quits instantly and never goes back to smoking. If they do slip or relapse into cheating or having one, they use it as a learning experience for identifying their triggers which cause them to fall back into smoking so they can prevent it from happening again. Some individuals find using support groups that promote instant abstinence (cold turkey) as an excellent method for quitting. Individuals in the support group support and validate one another, while helping each other to stand strong and not falter, much the same way that Alcoholics Anonymous groups work. “Cold Turkey” method is popular with those quitting first-time. Because it relies solely on “will power” it does not have a prolonged success rate.

We still have five more to cover and you can read them at Part II here >>>

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