Taking Responsibility for Your Life

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How could they do this to me?

A very wise person once told me that no matter where you go, you take you with you!

Let that sink in for a moment…

You are the constant in everything that you do in your life or the people that you socialize with. The choices that you make or the situations that you find yourself in, is often your doing either intentionally or accidentally.

How can that be, even when the bad things happen?

Well, simply put – You are there! You have to be alive and in a situation to experience life, no matter what is happening.

They say to really “get” life and achieve what you most want in it, you have to look at life as following this equation: A positive attitude and truly living happy is based on 100% -10% being what happens to you, and 90% on how you choose to respond and react.

You see, too many have it the other way around in that they focus 90% of their attention on what happened to them and then mope, dwell on, complain or blame life or other people for what has happened to them. With that mindset, they become hardened, negative and even embittered believing that life is not fair.

Way too many people adopt the “puppet” attitude in that they believe they are being controlled by some supreme puppeteer who continually yanks on their strings.

When people adopt this approach, what they are really doing is trying to avoid responsibility for their feelings and their actions. Moreover, since feelings of frustration and disappoint do not feel so good, they do not want to “feel” rather try to rationalize what happened to them by blaming someone else.

The first step to taking responsibility for your life involves owning your feelings.

Only you can feel the feeling that you do and this is done so by the thoughts that you focus on. Basically, it is all about creating the life that you want to “feel” based on the thoughts you choose to make it happen the way you want it to be. Positive thoughts will bring a positive mindset which will lead to better outcomes. Furthermore, when you get positive results, you will see that you are responsible and not others, i.e., the blaming game in the past was nothing more than a waste of time, and you will come to accept that.

In order to get past the “past“, you have to believe in a here and now perspective that all you can take responsibility for is your own actions going forward.

Sometimes the reason that people have a hard time of letting go is because they actually blame themselves for the mistakes that occurred, even when they blame others. Deep down they believe it is they who were the cause of their own misery and this is painful.

Hypnosis is an excellent method for helping people overcome their past mistakes and negative perceptions they have about themselves and others by helping them blot out their failures and instead focus on their present moment which will lead to their future successes. If you’re ready to step to the plate and start taking responsibility for your life check out this hypnosis download now here.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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