Stuttering Versus Speaking Clearly

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There are ways of overcoming stuttering…

Are you a person who is often times lost for words?

Okay, your mind is racing a mile a minute and you can’t wait to speak or answer, but when you go to do so, you are instantly tongue tied! What the heck is up with that? Do you need to take a remedial learning course in speech? For some people words just don’t seem to flow from their mouths as easy as they are put together in their minds.

If you are one of those who finds themselves “tongue tied” often, then this article is for you!

There are people who really need to put words together for a living – public speakers, teachers, counselors, sales people, lawyers, real estate agents, etc. Even if you do not work at one of these careers, you still rely on your ability to convey your spoken message.

How a person projects their voice and ability to present the spoken word says a lot about their self-confidence.

Unfortunately, sometimes people perceive stutterers as less intelligent, or lacking in self-confidence which could not be more untrue. In fact, the reason so many stutter or struggle with words is they are indeed very smart with very active minds, and it is their mouths which can’t keep up with their smarts so to speak… pun intended!

In the past individuals who had stuttering problems were often times given rhyming exercises or singing tasks to help them with their words.

Phonics is still a good method for helping to overcome more serious stuttering, but if you stutter due to an overactive mind, then breaking out into full song probably would not be a good idea at a board meeting or customs check!

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for treating and helping people overcome their issues with stuttering, or forgetting words that are right on the tips of their tongues.

Too much of what triggers and makes stuttering worse is performance anxiety – the stress of trying to get things just right so they are said perfectly. Individuals worry so much about speaking the right words that they stress themselves out over this.

Hypnosis helps to remove the stress that leads to the stigma of stuttering. Best of all, it works pretty quickly!

You see the problem with stuttering is that is can become habitual through stressful conditioning.

Whenever you even imagine or think that you will stutter, before you know it, it is happening! You tell yourself not to get nervous about speaking and next thing you know, you are triggering it. Hypnosis places seeds in the unconscious that allows individuals to “see” the words they are about to speak in their minds first and sound them out before trying to say them.

Your mind is like an amazing computer unit, and thoughts happen in microseconds.

Hypnosis can keep your thoughts focused so that they translate to the spoken word you are seeking. Also, hypnosis relaxes the mind through repeated relaxation exercises and visualizations. Hypnosis can also help to slow down racing thoughts that lead to stuttering.

Through trance states, the hypnotist can train the individual to focus on each word individually and sound them out in their minds so that when they are ready to speak, they flow effectively.

It can be distressing even embarrassing when the words just won’t come out easily and smoothly. Now you know hypnosis can help you overcome stuttering go check out this program here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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