Stopping Compulsive Lying

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Lying can eventually become a way of life…

How big is a little white lie?

Many people believe that it is okay to tell a little white lie on occasion. Let’s face it, no one is completely morally pure and everyone has told a fib at some point in their life, even if the intention was good – to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings.

The problem with white lies occurs when one uses them for problem solving on a continual basis, and the occasions become common place.

Before the individual can catch themselves, they start exaggerating and telling lies whenever convenient or to get out of avoiding responsibility.

In the back of their minds, lying is always an option, but for some, it becomes a lifestyle!

Lying is usually used by someone out of fear or acceptance.

In fact, it is usually tied to lack of low self-esteem or whereby the individual does not possess the best problem solving abilities. First off, there are those who lie because they are afraid. They may be telling lies because they believe that if they tell the truth, someone is going to be hurt or upset with them.

If the individual in question does get upset with them, they “fear” that this may jeopardize their friendship, and that they may be rejected. In essence, they are insecure with themselves and worry about how other people respond to them.

Some people lie to avoid responsibility.

The perception here is that if they tell the truth, they are going to have to face the consequences for their actions. Often times, this can be traced back to their childhood where they may have gotten severely disciplined or even abused for making mistakes.

They learned that when they lied, they would not face the wrath of consequences. Going forward, they learned that this was the best action for them.

Some people lie to get ahead in life – they stand to gain something.

In its purest form, it is all about greed! These individuals lie because they want to attain something such as money, a promotion, favor, and of course acceptance. They believe this is their best action as they can control the lie. The problem with this kind of lying is getting stories consistent and making them gel.

Often times, these types of lies are a series of deceptions that are required to tie together seamlessly, or people can poke holes in them. This is when things become not only embarrassing, but potentially damaging for the “liar” when they get found out.

In order to overcome compulsive lying, one has to create a mindset of integrity – knowing that telling the truth is the right thing to do.

You see, many liars use lying because it proves successful to them and basically they are “lying” to themselves in that they promise to stop, but “just not yet“. Lying is so easy to stop doing… really!

How easy is it?

All one has to do is make a conscious decision to think before speaking (after all you are doing this probably even more so with lying to concoct the story), and tell yourself, “I will speak the truth!”

Once you start telling the truth, the truth will literally set you free because you will develop a “truthful” habit.

If you are tired of lying and want to start telling the truth more and gain the trust of your family and friends back listen to this MP3 session specially designed to help you overcome compulsive lying.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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