Start You Day with a Plan – Introduction

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Ready to start your day more productively?

How do you start you day? Cup of coffee? Check your email? Have a cigarette? – if it all starts with a smoke then we really need to talk! Seriously though, are you like most of the planet and just repeat the same activities to start you day as you have for just about all the other days of your life so far?

How is it working for you so far? Are you ready for a different result?

If so, how about having specific goals and reviewing them each day before doing anything else? Whether you call them goals or express them as a plan in support of a goal doesn’t really matter.

There are countless studies to show that the majority of people who achieve their goals have a plan they adhere to behind their success. Sometimes the mere activity of writing your goals down is enough to increase your chances of success.

When expressed this way it’s easy right? Of course not. The best plans have fallen by the wayside with poorly defined goals.

You have to start then with clearly articulated goals and here is some helping on doing that:

  • Keep your goals achievable and relevant. Having a goal of being a millionaire may sound good but your subconscious mind can’t grasp and accept it so it’s unlikely to happen as your conscious mind and unconscious mind will not be in-sync.
  • State your goal in such a way as to make it specific and measurable. For example having a goal of being financially independent is worthwhile but what does it mean to you? It might not mean being a multi-millionaire. I find using the SMART formula for goal setting keeps me in the real world by including a number of elements in the goal.

S = Specific – Be specific about what you want.
M = Measurable – A mechanism to track how well you’re doing.
A = Affect – Emotions or affect drive behavior so make sure you want the goal.
R = Realistic – Ensure you have control over making the goal happen.
T = Time – You need a deadline shorter than your life span!

  • Here’s the tricky part – your SMART goal is your conscious goal. But now you need to translate it to an unconscious goal – a goal your unconscious mind will accept and spend waking and sleeping hours moving you towards without you thinking about it. Do you like that?

Of course you do. You just don’t know how to do it… yet.

Coming up in Part II of this series I’ll go into some mechanisms you can use to translate your conscious goals to unconscious goals and move yourself towards moving mountains and getting different results in your life. You can read Part II here >>>

I also invite you to start reaching your goals today with this resource.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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