Smoking is a Subconscious Habit and Hypnosis Can Treat It

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The habit of smoking is in your subconscious mind…

Most of the good habits and talents that people possess operate at an unconscious level. Through practice and repetition they become second nature over a period of time.

Some experts believe that it only takes 21-28 days for someone to become habituated (forming a habit) to a new activity or substance. This is good when you learn something that is beneficial for you. You master your “skill” and it becomes engrained in you and you become talented at it.

Did you know the same holds true for when you engage in bad activities like… Smoking?

When you do something repeatedly, you begin to basically do things on “auto pilot“– you do so without putting much effort or thought into it. When it becomes “second nature” to you, some might say you have developed a talent for engaging in that behavior.

Whereas someone who is first starting to smoke needs to master lighting a cigarette without burning them self, the smoker is able to light a cigarette in seconds, even in the dark because their subconscious guides them through it – their talent!

Interestingly, when the subconscious becomes proficient or talented at doing something, it will continue to guide the individual unless it is told by the conscious mind (critical mind in the here and now) that what they are doing is wrong. One will only be able to quit smoking when they tell themselves (the unconscious mind) that smoking is bad, the talent or behavior needs to be changed, and that the unconscious mind requires a new “mindset” incorporating new ideas for new skills to be learned.

In this case, ideas and activities surrounding quitting smoking become the norm.

This is effectively accomplished by using hypnosis!

Hypnosis is the best method for tapping into the unconscious mind immediately and creating the desired change the smoker wants – becoming a non-smoker.

Ideally, using a trained hypnotherapist to help you quit will prove the fastest and most effective results. The hypnotherapist will help you to implant the new powerful suggestions and cues into your unconscious mind which will readily bring about the change you are seeking.

Even though you may have been smoking for years, the unconscious mind can be tapped into immediately and does not require the same amount of years to undo what it learned, in this case becoming a non-smoker. You see, hypnosis by-passes the habituated process of learning something through skilled repetition (learning how  to smoke and continually doing it) by disrupting the cognitive script patterns embedded in the unconscious mind (continually smoking) in challenging and changing it.

Basically, the unconscious mind has to do what it is told by the conscious mind.

When the conscious mind tells the unconscious mind to quit smoking it will take time in most cases. When the unconscious mind is tapped into immediately, bypassing the conscious mind, it takes less time as cues and suggestions are embedded instantly (a new way of thinking).

There is nothing magical about the process, rather hypnosis allows an efficient shortcut for allowing the individual to learn a new skill set thus creating a new mindset. A good trained hypnotherapist can help you become a non-smoker faster than you ever imagined!

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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