Smoking Marijuana Could be Hazardous to Your Brain

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Smoking pot at early age can cause serious damage to health

A popular myth prevalent among youth and young adults is smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco. This is a dangerous myth.

Also known as marijuana or pot, the habit of smoking cannabis at a young age can be devastating to the normal development of the brain.

Studies are showing – such as – that regular and heavy use of cannabis at an early age can impede development of pathways in the brain.

Regular and habitual use in the above study is determined as minimum twice a month over 3 year period – however, most people in the study greatly exceeded this usage.

While use of marijuana by adolescents is considered by them to provide a relaxing and pleasant experience (known as recreational use), the impact on the brain can be far from peaceful but instead have long-term effects resulting in anxiety and depression.

In addition, impairment of what are called “white matter” pathways in the brain can be associated with cognitive impairment and psychosis.

In my practice, I have seen young smokers and helped people who wanted to stop smoking cannabis as well but it can be a difficult conversation to have with a young loved one who tends to feel and act as if they will live forever. Talking about the long-term impact of a dangerous habit they enjoy and feel is socially acceptable in their group, gets the same focused attention in youths as discussing retirement planning with them – say… about 10 seconds!

Smoking is hazardous to your health, no matter if it is tobacco or marijuana – there is no such thing as safe when it comes to inhaling the ingredients, as it ends up in your body somewhere, and instead of stimulating the brain there is strong evidence now that smoking pot instead severely impairs the brain.

What You Should Do Next:

If you are already struggling with depression or anxiety then you should obtain a referral and seek professional help. If you have smoked marijuana in the past you should share that information. Therapists are not there to judge what you did in the past just help you get to a better future.

If you smoke tobacco or cannabis and want to quit avoiding further harm to your health, then schedule an evaluation with me to see if I can help or provide assistance on next step for you. You can contact me by phone at 508.269.0109 or complete the web form on my contact page here >>> 

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