Simple Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

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Hypnosis can help improve memory sharpness

Are you one of those people who forgets things very easily?

You know you just finish reading something and you can’t even remember what you read – including this sentence that you just read, and then you have to go back and re-read things again?

The problem may not be an actual memory problem, rather an attention or stimulus issue.

It is interesting that most people rarely have problems forgetting the really good things or the bad things which happen to them because they are perceptually tuned into these experiences at an emotional level.

They “connect” to them!

You see, the key to keeping your memory sharp is to pay attention to details at an emotional level – feel what you are seeing, hearing or experiencing.

There are a variety of ways to keep your memory sharp. It is all a matter of exercising your mind on a daily basis. The easiest and simplest way to keep your mind alert is actually to read information that you enjoy reading. When you read information that you are passionate about you tend to remember it better.

Along those lines, there are many types of puzzle books and “brain teasers” that you can practice with to help improve the quality and sharpness of your memory.

Recently, there are more online programs that you can sign up for that contain “memory type” creative learning exercises. I am not going to name them specifically due to commercial rights, but if you Google “mind” or “brain” exercises, these are very good programs that tend to work.

People often spend too much time becoming passive viewers to television shows that are not stimulating – dramas, comedies and soap operas. They are fine for enjoyment occasionally, however when you spend the large part of your days or evenings focused on them, you deviate from the creative powers of your mind.

If you are going to watch more than your fair share of TV, try watching educational shows, historical shows or documentaries. There are a ton of them on cable television to choose from.

Another exceptional approach to keeping your mind and memory sharp are meditative and/or hypnosis exercises. You can get either CD’s or download from sites like Amazon or right from the creator’s websites excellent programs that take no longer than 20-30 minutes a day to help with your memory.

These programs have the ability to awaken your mind to perceive and learn new things as most times people’s thinking starts to filter into a point of repetitiveness.

Hypnosis either through CD’s/computer downloads, or visiting a trained hypnotherapist is an excellent idea for improving your memory.

Remember early on I asserted people remember best when they have an emotional charge connected to things they experience? Sometimes, life becomes so mundane, common place or even boring that we merely exist rather than enjoy life’s experiences.

Hypnosis can help re-awaken that fire inside for enjoying life to the fullest. New neuro-pathways are created or old ones re-awakened rather than the ones that have been habitually used over and over removing the passion of creativity and learning experiences.

Try it for yourself! Check out the happy memory hypnosis to be sure that you remember everything that you need to.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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