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Weight Loss Disappointment ImageIt’s a frustrating cycle. You lose weight… you gain it all back… you go on another diet – and lose some weight again… but eventually you end up weighing more than you did when you first began all these weight loss programs.

And this depressing cycle is the same for both women and men… no different.

The fact is most weight loss diets leave you feeling unsatisfied and still craving addictive foods and this isn’t good for your health or confidence.

They also introduce impulsive/compulsive eating to compensate for the hunger and cravings you still feel.

If this describes your experience with losing weight then you’re not alone… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A weight loss journey should be made just once – and that’s what this program is all about – getting you off the “weight loss treadmill” and into feeling good about what you weigh and the foods you eat. This multi-session program is designed so you gain back control over your eating and lose pounds safely.

Karen is a diabetic and so what she eats and her weight is ultra important to her…

"His Jaw Dropped"
"I went to the Doctor and he was amazed.
His jaw dropped. I got on his scale and I
had lost 20lbs. I got the results from
my blood work. Levels were down on
everything – blood sugar, cholesterol.
I’ve currently lost 35lbs. I feel good.
it works. "

Karen, Grafton, MA*

Tackling Weight Loss in Multiple Sessions:

My private weight loss program is a minimum of 4 sessions because we’re not just talking about a change of diet here but a serious change of habit.

The fact is you’ve probably already tried multiple diets without success. So the program has multiple sessions to weave in healthy food choices with habit changes through hypnosis to adopt the changes without feeling deprived.

Here is just a brief sample of what we’ll cover in the sessions:

Session 1: In this foundation session you’ll understand why your body has become a “fat magnet” and how the chemistry of your body impacts your ability to lose weight. We’ll begin the process of changing your food preferences and strengthen your belief you can make the necessary changes.

Session 2: In the second session we’ll go into detail on portion control. We’ll establish the habits of mindful eating so you eat when hungry and stop when you’ve had enough.

Session 3: This session is all about handling cravings and overcoming the grip of addictive foods.

Session 4: At this session we’ll work together on breaking down your barriers of self-sabotage, and gaining the confidence to reach your weight loss destination. Unlike a typical diet plan you don’t need to rely on sheer will power!

Session 5-10: Most weight loss clients take between 4-10 sessions to complete my program. If required, sessions 5-10 are focused on overcoming any remaining barriers getting you to, and keeping you at, your right size, and providing you the confidence and reinforcement to be successful.*

Each session of the program builds on the previous one and includes a hypnosis section to make it easier for you to adopt and maintain the changes and make them lasting. You get all these sessions with ME personally and no further ongoing commitments.

My name is Erika Slater and I’ve been a full-time professional hypnotist since 2004. I received my training and certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

"I’ve dropped 4 Sizes"
Paul Group Weight Loss Image
"I don’t look at it as being on a
diet. I’ve probably lost a 1,000
pounds in my life but I was never
able to keep it off. Since I
started the program I’ve lost 5″
on my stomach and 4″ on my waist.
I’ve dropped 4 sizes. More energy
feel healthier, and the resolve
I’m going in the right direction.
I don’t feel old anymore. I stay
up later now than I ever did."

Paul MA*

Making the “Weight Loss Journey Once” Program:

Erika Slater Certified Hypnotist in Mashpee MA Photo

Erika Slater CH

A weight loss program needs to address multiple topics if the journey is to be made only once.

Obviously then there is “no quick fix” for lasting weight loss – it requires making changes and commitment to following the plan. Making the journey once requires a smart program for smart people. This weight loss program I’ve developed for my private weight loss clients is the culmination of 13-years of experience and is customized to your own personal needs.

I see my weight loss clients in my Mashpee Massachusetts office or through online sessions. The office is located near Mashpee Commons on Route 151 about one mile from the rotary. As I mentioned I also offer most of my hypnosis services online so it really doesn’t matter where you’re located- in-state, out-of-state or even another country, with today’s technology I can help you.

Each private weight loss program is customized to the individual and so the length of the program is dictated by your goals and budget. Most programs are between 4-10 sessions.

All private clients receive the following:

  1. Reinforcement MP3s to download and replay as often as you wish. (CDs available if required)
  2. Lifetime access to members only weight loss resource website with bonus downloads and additional information.
General Program Cost:
Each session is $175 but I offer a $100 discount when purchasing blocks of 4 sessions for $600.

"I Feel Liberated"
Caroline Private Weight Loss Image
"I’ve lost in the area of 18lbs in 4 weeks
and I feel great. I’m not craving anything.
It’s not so much about the weight but I’ve
been able to put on a coat that I’ve
never been able to wear, and it zipped
right up and felt good. I feel liberated."

Caroline, MA*

Here’s How to Take the Next Step…

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight then it’s important you schedule a Free Office or Online Consultation. At your consultation I’ll explain the program to you and you’ll get a chance to ask me questions and understand how hypnosis can help you. We can discuss customizing the program to get the results you desire. Together we can determine if it’s the right program for you and how many sessions will be required.

Simply call (508) 269-0109 or complete the web form below and press the green submit button.

If you prefer to call you can leave a message with your name, phone number, and depending on date and time when you leave a message I’ll usually call back the same day. My phone greeting will provide details on when you can expect a call back from me.

So go ahead and take the next step on your road to getting to and staying at your right weight – and the next step is the most important one.

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"Sugar Readings Been Very Low…"
"I’ve lost in the area of 20lbs… I have not
had any sweets nor had any great desire
to have any. The really good news is that
my sugar readings have been very low for
me, unless I forget to take meds, and have
remained low for months now. This alone
was worth going through the program."

Bill, Milford MA*


"Healthy Lifestyle I’ve Always Wanted."
"I’ve always been motivated to lose
weight. I have knowledge about
nutrition and I’ve researched and
tried numerous plans. With
patience and Erika’s guidance
through hypnosis, in only a few
short days I was able to
recognize the ever crucial ‘full
signal.’ The hypnosis MP3 is
incredibly valuable. I’m well on
my way to my goal weight and the
healthy active lifestyle I have
always wanted."

Marina MA*


"Taking Smaller Portions…"
"I find it much easier to stop eating when
I’m full and I am taking smaller portions
and feeling satisfied. As soon as I get on
the scale I’ll let you know for sure. BUT,
the last pair of golf shorts I purchased
were a 14 down from 16 I usually wear.

Pamela Delaney, Milford MA*


See our Privacy Policy here

You know you have to change and hypnosis makes it easy and fun for you to adopt and maintain the changes.

Let’s get going on arranging your free office consultation because I can’t wait to hear from you.

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*As with any service or product program
involving behavioral changes there is no
guarantee of specific results and
individual results will vary.