New Group Weight Loss Service
Combining the Power of
Online Coaching and Hypnosis
Over 6 Sessions in 12 Weeks!

Introducing a brand new
Group Weight Loss Service
using interactive webinar
format for 3 months
with Erika Slater CH

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Are you feeling any of these
about your current or previous
attempts at weight loss?

  • Conflicting and confusing information on the right diet for you?

  • Disappointment over how much weight you lost for the commitment and effort you’ve put in?

  • Still craving all the foods you had to give up – especially sugar?

  • Nobody to provide help and guidance through the barriers and challenges of your weight loss journey – you feel you’re on your own?

There are a fortunate few who decide to lose weight, pick a diet that sounds good to their tastes, and within a few months reach their weight goal.

But wait… then they stay on the diet and don’t gain the weight back again.

It’s all sounds like a weight loss fairy story, right?

Unfortunately, for most of us it really is a fairy story.

So, you end up frustrated and even angry all these diets seem to work… but not for you!

Remember all the typical glowing testimonials most of these products and services carry: “I lost 30 lbs. in four weeks”, “I’ve been on this diet for only two weeks and have the energy level of when I was 21-years old.” “I was 70 pounds overweight and now it’s all gone and I feel great and love my diet.

But the fortunate few do have this kind of success, so it’s not deceptive.

What’s the secret these people are keeping from you?

When is this “success” going to happen to you?

I’m going to explain how it can be for you, but first I need to fill in some missing details about those four problem areas I started out explaining…

1. Conflicting and confusing information on the right diet for you?

Nut question - good nuts bad nutsPeople are confused with the conflicting information they get from the diet gurus. They all present a great pitch with scientifically proven facts about why their diet is the best for you. How many diet books do you have on your shelf? They tell us: Don’t eat red meat. Don’t eat peanuts or cashews, only these 3 or 4 nuts. Only eat plants, but then only these plants! No dairy of any kind. Cut out coffee. No grains. Avoid glutens like the plague. No processed sugars or junk food or soda – actually I agree wholeheartedly with those last recommendations.

Even the diet gurus have arguments among themselves over their different theories. And our government every now and then pumps out a bunch of ancient nutritional history to the unsuspecting population, which contradicts what a lot of the health gurus are telling us? Phew, who are you really to believe?

We’re learning through ongoing research there are some basic truths about foods you must know to choose a diet to suit your body chemistry.

2. Disappointment over how much weight you lost for the commitment and effort you’ve put in?

Disappointed woman squatting on scalesIt’s relatively easy to lose a few lbs. in your first few weeks of a diet as its mostly water.

Once the water retention is released then you’re attacking the fat areas – those bulges around your waist and other areas. These represent the real weight to be lost.

But, this is more stubborn to remove, right?

Many people get frustrated and disappointed when they step on the scales daily but see no measurable loss of their weight despite following their diet faithfully.

They feel their expectations haven’t been met. The initial excitement of shedding pounds quickly evaporates along with their enthusiasm for their diet program.

But most health professionals will tell you small steady weight loss is healthier and a more sustainable way of losing weight.


3. Still craving all the foods you had to give up – especially processed sugar?

Fast food selectionThis problem is common even among people who’ve lost significant weight on a diet over time, but they still crave all the things they know caused them to become overweight in the first place. It’s frustrating and disheartening because people rightly expect their tastes will change to crave the healthy foods they’re now eating.

Eventually, because of the intensity of these cravings most people succumb to them and return to bad food habits.

But there’s a scientific and logical reason why the cravings are still there, but also thankfully a fix if this has happened to you.

4. Nobody to provide help and guidance through the barriers and challenges of your weight loss journey?

Help signPeople losing weight tend to reach a plateau after a few weeks or months. Most diet and weight loss books don’t cover it adequately because it’s hard to give specific advice on getting unstuck to an individual when a book has been written for an audience of millions.

Weight loss membership clubs like “Weight Watchers” or “Slimmer’s World” provide gatherings and support groups but its what I call a “cheerleader” approach. This gap of ability to help those struggling is often the cause why people slip off their diet and revert to bad old food habits.

They tell themselves this diet just didn’t work for me.

But the stubborn and difficult barriers people meet during their journey are usually related to non-diet issues, which books and membership groups can’t address. What is needed is a holistic approach and strategies for removing obstinate subconscious blocks to progress.

Despite these four common problems people encounter when trying to lose weight, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be successful in your weight loss journey.

Now you know you need a program that anticipates and addresses holistically all these problems during your journey…

It’s Time For A Different Approach

Over the years I’ve developed a core weight loss program centered around hypnosis. When I started offering my sessions online I found delivering them in a webinar format over the Internet became popular due to the benefits of the format. I’ve run some pilot groups in early 2017 and coupled with feedback from both my private and initial group participants I begun to formulate a new version of my weight loss program especially for online groups.

By adding in coaching and therapeutic storytelling components I’m able to offer a program that not only addresses the four problems discussed above… but much more.

In a nutshell this is what’s included in my new 6 session program

Group online weight loss listed benefits

My name is Erika Slater and I’ve been a full-time professional hypnotist since 2004. I received my training and certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists. I’ve been offering weight loss services, both private and group, to my clients for 14-years.

Now let me breakdown each of the core components of my program so you can determine if it’s the right program for you…


6 Online Coaching Sessions Each of 90-minutes Duration:

The 6 sessions are spread out over 3 months, or one session every two weeks. This provides time for you to absorb the information and implement what you learn and tweak for your individual needs before the next session. A gap of two weeks allows enough time for issues to surface and be addressed at the group during the next session so you can leave knowing exactly what to do to keep on track.

NOTE: Class sizes are deliberately small to ensure everybody has a chance to get their questions addressed.


Information-Packed Sessions Covering Diets, foods and Mindset Strategies:

I spend a lot of time during the initial sessions cutting through the conflicting and confusing information about diets and foods. While I don’t dictate any one diet to you, I provide guidance on what has worked for my myself, my clients and the current research into the exciting new discovery of foods that actually promote weight loss, and provide ways of reducing the cravings for your old sugar-laden foods.

Our sessions together also cover how to have a healthy relationship with your food. You’ll need to unlearn old damaging habits that often stand in the way of your success, and replace them with healthy habits around food. I’ll teach you strategies for getting to a healthy relationship with food and overcoming these barriers.


Hypnosis Session Included in Each Webinar:

In addition to the coaching I include a hypnosis session and/or therapeutic storytelling session during each webinar to reinforce new beliefs, new habits and behaviors around food. This is a key part of each session, and is designed to naturally empower you to implement what you’ll discover at each session during the period before your next session.


Guidance On Goal Setting and Habit Changing for Success:

While I can’t guarantee any specific results for you as I can’t “force” you to change your behaviors, your goal should be small steady loss as you change your habits around food. This is sustainable and adds up quickly. If you’ve a lot of weight to lose then by the end of the program you’ll have a plan to get there, and have evidence you’re on the right path, and you’ll have all the tools and resources to complete your weight loss journey.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget just 1-2 lbs. of weight loss every two weeks amounts to 25-52 lbs. in a year. If you put in the commitment to this program by following what I ask you to do, then you’ll see the results.


Q&A Time in Each Session:

There will be time during each webinar to get your questions answered on any concerns or challenges you’re experiencing on your own journey. People will get stuck and reach a plateau so providing the forum for discussing strategies to address these blocks in the group is what makes this program different.


Access to Recordings of Each Session for Replay:

I’ll record each session and it’ll be available to each participant within 48 hours. This provides an important opportunity to go over materials discussed, and to provide the opportunity to redo the hypnosis or storytelling session if you need. All six sessions will be recorded and be available in a secure location only you can access.

RECOMMENDATION: For best results on your journey we strongly suggest you plan to attend each session live, as this is the only way you can get your questions and challenges addressed, get coaching and interact with the group.

"It’s Just a Change in Lifestyle."
Amy Group Weight Loss Image
"It’s been super easy. I’ve
been getting so many comments from
friends and family about what am I
doing and saying I look great. I’ve
lost 11lbs in three weeks and I’m
back in my favorite jeans again. I’m
going to keep it going as I want to
lose another 9lbs. It’s just a
change in lifestyle. I love it!"

Amy MA*

Costs of My New Program:

Erika Slater CH
You’ll be receiving 6 information-packed weight loss coaching and hypnosis sessions with me, each a minimum of 90-minutes duration. You’ll also get access to the recording of each session for the duration of the 3-month program, along with all the other benefits of this program.

Now onto the cost of the program…

Group Online Program Cost: $360
(6 session price)

I’m now taking pre-registration for my next online group weight loss program.


Once you register using the form below I’ll provide you the next available date as soon as its available..

What Do You Need to Participate in these Webinars?

In order to participate in this program, you’ll need a computer with a stable and cable fast Internet connection, and a microphone, so you can interact on the calls. We strongly recommend you also have a set of headphones you can plug into your computer as this will provide you the best experience during the hypnosis portion of each class.

"I Have a Feeling of a Life Change."
Molly Group Weight Loss Image
"I’ve done things I never thought
I could do. If you told me when
we first started I could not feel
deprived and stick to a healthy
way of eating I wouldn’t have
thought it possible. But now I do
it with much more ease and I
don’t feel like I’m missing
anything. I don’t have that diet
feeling, I have a feeling of a
life change. I’ve lost 30lbs in
the short time I’ve been here."

Molly MA*

Here’s How to Take the Next Step…

If you’re committed to losing weight and will do whatever it takes then I urge you to register for this 6 session group online/webinar program. To ensure I provide a quality experience for all participants I have to limit the number of people we can accept into this program so if you want to be part of it please act now and pre-register today.

If you have further questions about this program or want to speak to me to see if it’s right for you then please call me at: 508.269.0109 or 774-721-0052 and leave your name and phone number after the greeting. The greeting will explain when I do call backs each day. Depending on the time you leave the message most of the time I’ll call you back the same day.

To pre-register and reserve one of the limited spots available now to avoid disappointment complete the form below, and then press the green button to submit.

Group Online Program Cost: $360
(6 session price)


See our Privacy Policy here

"I’ve dropped 4 Sizes"
Paul Group Weight Loss Image
"I don’t look at it as being on a
diet. I’ve probably lost a 1,000
pounds in my life but I was never
able to keep it off. Since I
started the program I’ve lost 5″
on my stomach and 4″ on my waist.
I’ve dropped 4 sizes. More energy
feel healthier, and the resolve
I’m going in the right direction.
I don’t feel old anymore. I stay
up later now than I ever did."

Paul MA*

You know you have to change to reach the weight loss results you want and deserve, and hypnosis makes it easier for you to adopt and maintain the changes.

Erika Slater, CH
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*As with any service or product program
involving behavioral changes there is no
guarantee of specific results and
individual results will vary.