Self-Esteem and Weight Loss

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Increase your self-esteem to overcome temptation…

With the holiday season fast approaching, the opportunity to try to get weight loss in as a lifestyle now is probably diminishing as most people will put off that idea until the new year and start fresh then.

It wouldn’t make sense now to try and give up sugars, sweets and treats, especially as there will be many of them for the taking. Temptation will be so great so to speak!

Is weight loss truly all about calendar dates, timing and getting it right the first time out? Is that the real reason it is better to wait until January 1st? There is some logic when you look at it that way, but logic quickly gets tossed out the window when you bring motivation and self-esteem into the equation.

The reason most people have trouble not only losing weight, but getting the process started is motivation. Some people either lack it, only have a little of it, or they just don’t know how to go about “doing it“.

With that said, motivation is tied to self-esteem – liking yourself not only enough, but a lot that you believe in yourself and your abilities. When people use the “holiday” excuse, it really is more about a lack of belief in themselves in that they can discipline their minds. The true and strongest battles start and are waged in the mind.

Is there really anyone out there that gorges everyday for the “twelve days of Christmas” and before hand?

For anyone to accomplish anything, it begins with an inner belief in their abilities.

It is one thing to identify and accept your limitations, but allowing things that you can control to hold you back from achieving your goals (in this case weight loss) is more about what you think. If you think you can then you probably can and will, and if you think you can’t then you are probably right again!

Self-esteem grows as you try to accomplish your goals and magnifies once you master them continually. Like they say, there is no time like the present to start making your goals come to fruition so what is stopping you from losing weight other than you?

You need to start out with a mindset that you can and will do it.

Repeating this to yourself, writing out your intentions, as well as telling others to help in encouraging you to lose the weight will help build your self-esteem, when there is greater belief in accomplishing your goals surrounding you. The next is learning about or trying weight loss programs that you might think will help you reach your goal.

If you are a progressive thinker, a great place to start is trying hypnosis. Hypnosis is amazing for weight loss and under the direction of a trained hypnotherapist you can create a mental plan which will not only help you toward losing your desired weight but also building up your self-esteem.

Did you know that thoughts become matter – things materialize often times that you focus your attention on?

If you are thinking often about losing weight, then you will get there. Improving your self-esteem will help you create these thoughts and hypnosis can help you keep these thoughts continually moving forward toward the success you desire.

Look today and see how losing weight and staying motivated to lose weight can be helped with hypnosis – click here for your quick start guide.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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