The Secrets to Mastering Portion Control

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Portion control and vizualization help get to your ideal weight

Everyone wonders what the best way is to control eating to get their weight under control or reach their ideal weight.

Exercise is the most obvious way to lose weight as well as control it, but let’s say you don’t exercise, what else can you do? This is where mind over matter comes into play!

There are two very good ways to control weight as well as reaching ideal body size; portion control eating and hypnosis/visualization.

Both means are very effective and when combined together they are proven winners.

The first thing to consider and do is control the portions of your eating.

Most people operate on the old principle of eating 3 square meals a day. Instead of eating 3 square meals a day, shoot for 5-6 smaller meals a day. If you space these meals out 2-3 hours apart you are not only nourishing your body, you are also allowing it to be in a constant state of work – your metabolism is actually working more and this means making it more active and stimulating it to burn calories faster.

The key is making sure these small meals contain good proteins, excellent carbohydrates for energy and keeping fats to a minimum. There are great eating plans and healthy plans on the Internet to look at and learn about. I highly recommend the Ornish diet created by Dr. Dean Ornish ( ).

The second key to weight control or weight loss success is visualization – seeing “the you” that you want to be at your ideal weight.

If the mind sees something enough, it will lock in on it and seek it out to make it a reality. Remember, the body is a mere robot told to do whatever the CPU (the mind) tells it to do. It must follow the orders of the mind. The best way to achieve this is through the use of visualization and hypnosis, either led by a hypnotherapist or through CD’s.

Hypnosis is very effective in helping the mind get to a place of achieving the visuals which become engrained. It sets and paints the ideal goals the individual wants to achieve in terms of ideal weight and body image.

Visualization is a highly effective method for taking you in your mind to the visions and feelings associated with the experience. It is fast and cheap – done almost anywhere or anytime.

The problem some people have is they have difficulty creating the visions and images they most want. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis will help you attain the visions and feelings associated with the experience you want so much faster. Best of all, it requires little effort on your part other than having an active imagination.

A good hypnotherapist will help remove the obstacles blocking you from seeing your ideal body image and getting there.

When you combine controlled eating and visualization/hypnosis together the results are amazing! The first week is sometimes the most difficult to get through in terms of breaking bad habits. If you stay the course, the second week becomes so much easier and by the third week you will start to truly see the results you are after.

Check out this MP3 session to begin your training to eat healthier!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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