The Secrets to Becoming a Test-Taking Master

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Can you really get better at test taking?

Often times I have been asked by people, friends and students, “Can hypnosis work in helping you remember something… anything?

I then ask what would that “something” be? And of course they want to know that if I or anyone hypnotized them, would they suddenly have superior memory which would help them remember what they have studied and excel on their exam.

And the answer is yes, if and when done correctly!

First, before you can consider hypnosis to prepare for an exam, you must read over and learn the material.

Hypnosis can’t put something into the mind that the mind has not experienced. For example, if the hypnotist says, “You will remember these formula’s for the test!” The time comes to write the test and then you realize, “Ah, what formulas? I never read them over or studied them!”

You must allow both the conscious and unconscious minds to process the information. You process the information consciously by reading over the material and learning it.

You process the information unconsciously by doing these conscious tasks and rehearsals that put the information in data storage of the unconscious. This is what the hypnotherapist as well as yourself needs to be successful for hypnosis to work.

You see, hypnosis is not magic – it can’t create something that does not exist or has not been perceived.

For example, a hypnotherapist cannot hypnotize you and put in the power of suggestion that when you awake from the trance state, you will speak French fluently. If you have never learned to speak French before the session, you sure as heck are not going to sound like you just flew in from the Moulin Rouge after the session is over!

You have to know and/or have perceived the information first. Once you have this information stored away, then it is easy for you and the hypnotherapist to pull it out on cue.

When I refer to “on cue” I am referring to the fact that when the time comes to take the test, the hypnotherapist may place post-hypnotic suggestion and cues for not only recalling the information needed for the test but also help you relax. You see, some people become so nervous whenever they are taking a final exam that they sometimes blank out.

Hypnosis will help keep the mind both relaxed and focused thus placing you in a state of tunnel vision – only focusing on the task at hand and recalling only the pertinent information.

Using hypnosis for memory work and test-taking mastery can be accomplished in just one session. If you know what you need to learn and or study, this can even be embedded in the unconscious with the hypnotherapist reading it to you while you are in the trance state.

The therapist will then instruct you how you will recall it when it comes time to take the test.

Finally one last thing… you can learn something not only through repetition (reading it over and over until you memorize it) but also through timing. Did you know that if you really wanted to remember something, then the best time to read it is just before bed, the last thing you do!

Check out this MP3 session designed to help remember what you read here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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