The Secret to Getting Self-Discipline

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Are you ready for the right discipline?

Some experts believe the hardest thing to master is self-discipline. You are the owner of your mind and since you are the owner of your mind, sometimes it’s okay to “just be lazy“, not do anything and put things off.

The first, second, or even third time you do this, it provides a sense of welcomed relief as perhaps you were really pushing your limits and you finally needed a break.

With repeated times doing this in response to “other circumstances” you find that is it easier to “just do nothing” and welcome this as a lazy way out, or for coping.

The key to self-discipline is applying the proper action in the right manner, which means actively thinking rather than responding based on a lazy mindset. When you start acting out of repetition because you are too lazy to engage in active, positive thinking, then this is the point where you begin to lack self-discipline in your own life.

Self-discipline is all about focus and determination on your part.

You can be told a hundred times that you need self-discipline, or need to make better decisions, but at the end of the day you are the one who has to make a conscious effort to “change“.

Someone who lacks discipline for all intents and purposes is a lazy thinker. They usually lack the motivation to process mentally the proper steps for engaging in decision making, even for the small stuff. It becomes “too easy” for them to just do nothing.

And people who lack self-discipline often times find themselves in trouble with others, achieving success at accomplishing nothing, and becoming miserable both mentally and physically (overweight, lethargic, etc.).

So how do you go about making his change in your life?

Ironically it involves “discipline” which equates to “disciplining” yourself to be “fed up with being fed up with the way things are“, and then becoming the change that you want to bring about in your life. If you were able to accomplish becoming a “lazy thinker“, then you will have just the same success in becoming an “active thinker“.

Once you become an active thinker and see how your life begins to change for the better, you will want to stay in that mindset. This is when you have engaged in self-discipline, actively use it, and now master it!

You need to plant seeds of success in your mind when it comes to self-discipline. See yourself living and achieving the things that you most want to in life.

What does it feel like to be successful?

Engage your mind and body in that “feeling” state and feel the rush of satisfaction and happiness that it brings you. Create small rewards for yourself whenever you complete small milestones.

As you become proficient at achieving the small things, you will find that larger tasks and projects become easier. If you find yourself at any point still getting stuck, seek out the help of a hypnotherapist or use “self-hypnosis” MP3’s which are very positive for stimulating your mind with new ways of thinking. To get started with a MP3 right now, click here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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