Resisting Peer Pressure to Get What YOU Want

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Do you feel the pressure to act like this sometimes?

Peer pressure is one of those concepts many of us from the 1980’s generation were all too familiar with. When we were kids, teens and young adults, peer pressure was often associated and generalized with teens and tweens misbehaving and getting into trouble.

You see, the misperception of succumbing to peer pressure was that there was always “one bad apple in the bunch” or one misguided sheep who would lead the flock astray. This type of person we were to avoid at all cost because after all they symbolized everything that was wrong with that generation and they gave “peer pressure” a bad name.

Enter 2012 and guess what?

Peer pressure is alive and well, but something had changed… it’s not just about teens and youth any longer, it incorporates adult lifestyles into the fray as well too. For adults, it has becoming about keeping up with the “Joneses” and conforming to the norms of a media-driven society rather than thinking for oneself and doing something because it is the right thing to do, and that you will derive a sense of satisfaction in making the right choice.

We live in a “fast food generation” which ironically I wrote a book with the same name only I placed the emphasis on dating. Furthermore, within this fast food generation, today’s society exists in a vacuum that continually sucks the life out of autonomy and encourages people to confirm to the norms of society which strangely is based on a sense of entitlement.

Many would assert that this sense of “entitlement” is at an all-time high.

Regardless of the level of entitlement, people of all ages believe they are entitled to skip to the beat of an otherwise repetitive drum everyone else is jumping to. If everyone is doing it, does it make it healthy? I live in Niagara Falls, Canada. If everyone in my home town started jumping over the falls would it make it healthy?

I think you get my drift…

It’s okay to still your own person and embrace your own individuality, ideals, morals and belief systems. It’s not only okay to make your own choices outside of what everyone else is doing, but it is healthy. When you exercise decision making, dare I say “creative decision making” where you think for yourself, you are actually improving the quality of your brain’s capacity – neurons are firing, cells are expanding and new neural pathways are being generated.

You are developing and achieving a sense of self-efficacy and empowerment which translates to better mindsets – healthier and happy moods, increased vitality, and a tremendous sense of personal freedom.

You see, I like to assert that success and personal miracles come in “cans” whereby when you start your sentences with “I can…” you are putting the proverbial ball in motion, one that you control. This is true freedom, control, power and achievement.

Resisting peer pressure means being your own person, being free and not having to worry about what kind of house the “Joneses” are living in or what kind of cars they are driving. You are not trying to keep up with them, rather you are comfortable in your own skin and you get to enjoy life rather than endure it.

Peer pressure gets you what others want for you, even though they might not even want it for you or themselves because they don’t know what they truly want because something got lost along the way – one’s ability to make decisions for what is best for them because they didn’t think outside of the box, rather they thought within the space between their ears.

Take control of peer pressure today by checking out this MP3 session here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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