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Rejection once can create ongoing fear…

Let’s face it; if you are human then you have felt some sort of rejection at some level at a point in your life. If you are an adult, then you probably have felt the pain of an even greater type of rejection: intimate relationship rejection.

The bottom line, when you get or feel rejected in a relationship, it doesn’t feel good. In fact, it hurts like hell!

If you have been in the relationship for a long period of time with someone and they decide to pull the plug on it, ending it with you, then you will feel a whole world of hurt. From this point forward the heart is the one that wins over in terms dictating how you should deal with future relationships which usually means developing a fear of rejection.

Whenever you enter into a relationship there are always two personalities at play, your own and the other person’s.

Even though you can control your own thoughts and behaviors most of the time (debatable for some), you can’t control how another person thinks and feels. You can love someone and treat them good but if for some reason they reject you, that is their choice plain and simple. I know this may sound harsh, but you need to learn to deal with it!

As soon as you deal with it, you can move on knowing that you are not a bad person and that you are actually good. You are capable of loving and being loved again, but this time by the “right” person!

So how do you move on from fear of rejection?

It all starts with a mind set and developing a good sense of self-esteem. For starters you have to realize that you weren’t the first person to be rejected nor will you be the last. In fact, it could happen to you again, but you can’t worry about it.

Just like an individual in recovery for substance abuse, you need to live one day at a time with your focus on the present moment.

You have to realize that your mind is your own and you can control the thoughts in it. So whenever you have negative thoughts about yourself; feeling unloved, ugly, unworthy, you need to get rid of them immediately. Do not let them fester and gather momentum!

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for treating fear and phobias for rejection. Check out the Fear of Rejection hypnosis here!

Using hypnosis (either seeing a trained hypnotherapist or using CD’s) you can retrain the mind for how you think about yourself and relationships. Hypnosis can help you get at the nagging and self-defeating thoughts that make you nauseous whenever you think about relationships.

Through neuro-linguistic programming and post hypnotic suggestions, you will develop a wonderful sense of self-esteem and respect for yourself.

You will realize that only you can make yourself happy and now you have the tools available at the snap of your fingers to turn on a positive switch which takes you away from feeling rejected.

This new mindset will be cued to become triggered whenever your mind drifts off into old thought patterns and makes you aware to adjust your thoughts.

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Staff Writer
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