"How To Quit Smoking In Two Hours Or Less On Cape Cod!"

I help you kick butts in one hypnosis session in office or online!

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About My Private Signature Program

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You have the choice of an in-office session in my Mashpee office or online using the popular and easy-to-use Zoom platform.

If price is the bottom line, then accumulate all your research and contact all those who are pitching low price to you. I’m probably not the cheapest. But if it’s important to you to work with an experienced smoking cessation hypnotist who will provide you with a program to quit smoking and with resources to stay a non-smoker, then call me: 508.269.0109 or complete the web form below for a FREE phone Consultation.

The Voice of Experience:

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Why I’m different from other hypnotists….

I smoked cigarettes for decades, and used hypnosis to end my cigarette habit and enjoy healthy living, and being in control of my life.

If I work with you to help you quit you should know I’ve experienced every emotion and frustration you have and overcome it using hypnosis.

This is an advantage to you not available from most other hypnotists who don’t know what being a smoker feels like, or who’ve never experienced the psychological addiction of smoking, or concern over gaining weight… but I have.

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Christopher Dupre*


I was very skeptical at first. Erika is great very friendly and explains everything about hypnosis. As of now I am smoke free and have been for a month and a half. I was smoking almost two packs a day. I tried everything to quit Chantix, lozenges, e-cigarette, patches, the gum you name it, I tried it. After my session my big worries were craving for a cigarette, but let me tell you the craving were just gone. The next morning when I woke up for work at quarter of 5 there was nothing! No craving at all and to be honest I didn't even think about a cigarette until I seen an empty pack in my car. Since my session I have not gained any weight or had a single craving. If your worried about the cost don't be... it's well worth it.

Let’s get started on arranging your free phone consultation because I can’t wait to hear from you. Call me at: 508.269.0109 or complete the easy form below to get going...

I respect your privacy and will never rent or sell this information to
anyone else. I hate "spam" as well. See our Privacy Policy here
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In this free audio hypnosis session, you’ll experience the power of your subconscious mind to begin to change your habits. If you've never experienced hypnosis before then this is a great introduction...