Is the Pursuit of Happiness a Myth?

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Can you be like this all the time?

Often times the notion of “the pursuit of happiness” is written about or discussed in the media.

It is not just a onetime thing that gets easily dismissed, rather it is an ongoing “pursuit“, or dream that people have drilled into their minds that they “have to find” to complete their lives or give them some kind of meaningful existence.

First off I am here to burst the pursuit of happiness bubble.

It is a myth!

Yes, you heard me right.

In fact it is a delusional myth which keeps people always in a looking and pursuit mode encouraging them to not only miss out on their present moments in life, but also it truly keeps them from being happy.

Let me explain…

First off, if you are always in the pursuit of something that is intangible – you can’t see it or measure it, how do you know when you actually attain it? Furthermore, let’s just say that you do attain it, say a “little bit of happiness“, then you will want more, right?

It means then that there is more happiness to be had, which then places you back in hunter and gatherer mode trying to find yet more happiness. This then leads to the question, “How much is truly ever enough happiness, and when do you realize that satiation point for happiness?” Do you determine it, or does someone outside of you?

Do you know what it is interesting about this is if you do get some happiness, then you may not even enjoy it or appreciate it because you are too busy looking for more, and this takes away from the happiness you already have!

When you discuss happiness, you have to discuss it within the parameters of two qualities; (1) It is a mindset and (2) It is a choice!

Happiness is a belief that you have about how you feel and see the world. Your beliefs are based on your mindset – What you choose to be your reality. Simply put, if you believe you are happy, then that is what you are. Conversely, if you believe you are miserable then that is what you are too!

Furthermore, your feelings continually change based on your thoughts and your perceptions. You can be very happy one day, and not as happy the next or even happier.

The second part of the equation if that happiness is always a choice. Since you choose your thoughts, yes you are the master and commander of what you think (you can change thoughts anytime you like), you have the choice to continually think “happy thoughts” that will make you happy, or keep you in that state.

Most people confuse the concept of the “pursuit of happiness” with the notion of becoming self-actualized which is truly reaching your fullest potential.

It is not really the pursuit that people are after, rather the avoidance of living a status quo existence and feeling as if they merely exist.

With that said, it is time to start living and enjoying life in the moment which is the “present“. When you look up the word “present” in the dictionary you will find the word “gift“.

Life is a gift meant to be enjoyed and happy about every day!

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Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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