Programming Your Mind with Your Weight Loss Goals

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about weight loss, or getting physically fit?

Are your initial thoughts and perceptions positive, or are they negative ones, filled with dread and ‘I just can’t do it, nothing ever works for me‘ kind of mental scripts? Have you tried to lose weight in the past only to find that nothing seems to work, or that you do not have the motivation to carry through?

Perhaps the underlying problem is that you did not wire your mind with the right scripts and formulas to get the job done.

You do not have to wait long for the proper scripts to be created as you would to lose the weight.

You can program your mind right now and get results right now.

Most people who are trying to lose weight think with the mindset of an obese individual, rather than a fit or thin person. When you think with a specific mindset, your thoughts become actions and you live your life accordingly. Thin or fit people do not think like obese individuals, hence their mindsets do not allow them to become overweight or obese.

Hence, if you are thinking from the mindset of an obese person, your thoughts will steer you toward more thoughts of obesity and keep you overweight.

You know how they say that ‘you are what you eat’? Well in this case, you literally are what you think you are. Perhaps you are obese and still remain obese because you think that you are obese!

Attaining your weight loss goal is based on attitude and expectancy plain and simple. The key element in being successful is thinking, feeling and acting as if you have already achieved your desired weight and body shape.

Where thoughts go, energy flows.

This means that if you are thinking thin, fit, healthy thoughts, your feelings and actions will mimic these patterns. If you believe you are thinner and fit, your actions within your lifestyle will reflect this.

Like attract likes, therefore you will draw to you the actions, changes and lifestyles like a magnet.

You might be asking, “What if I have always thought a certain way which leads towards feelings or obesity which makes me act the ways that I do?

Good question!

You need to change your thoughts to that of a “fit” mindset, rather than a “weight loss mindset“.

If you focus on weight loss, you are telling yourself you are fat! You will act and attract corresponding lifestyles that reflect obesity. If you tell yourself that you are fit, thin, or at your ideal body weight, then the lifestyle changes will flow in that direction.

The best way to achieve this is through changing the underlying beliefs that fill your unconscious mind. These had remained in check and unchallenged.

Using hypnosis, you can change mindsets quickly with filling your unconscious mind with “fit“, “thin” and healthy beliefs. Your unconscious mind will start acting automatically as if you are a “thin” person and attract and act accordingly!

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Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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