Programming Your Mind with Your Fitness Goals

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Do you ever think about becoming more fit and active?

Is fitness one of your priorities, but you just can’t seem to get to the level you want to, or maintain the positive momentum of following through with your goals?

It seems that the hardest part of any fitness program is the ‘getting started‘ part. Once started it seems a little easier to get some momentum going and get excited about getting to the gym or whatever your fitness regime is until you get to the point of hitting the proverbial wall.

When this happens, training feels more like a dreaded chore and procrastination becomes a whole lot more appealing, while putting off training becomes easier and easier each day.

So, how do you keep you fitness goals strong and live?

First off, consistency is the name of the game. Most individuals lose interest in not only fitness, or any activity for that matter if they do not engage in it enough, regularly, or have a plan. When you go at anything haphazardly, spontaneously, or with an ‘Only when I feel like it!‘ approach, you are most likely to not succeed at maintaining momentum and lose interest.

Consistency creates habit, conditioning and even passion for something.

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Most individuals begin fitness programs with the end goal most times of losing weight and getting in shape. This is great and an awesome intention, but it is not definitive. The unconscious mind likes to have direct orders which are definitive.

It needs to be programmed with ‘end points’, such as, “My desired goal here is to reach my ideal body weight which is x-number, or reach this dress size by this date.” When you program in specifics, your unconscious mind is more diligent and convincing in getting you to do what you set out to do. Read more about this here >>>

The main reason people do not accomplish their goals is not that they are necessarily lazy (yes that does play into it eventually), rather they are not specific enough in what they want to attain.

For a better phrase, they do not keep their eyes on the prize because they have not created in their mind’s eye the ‘look‘ or end result they are hoping to achieve. Just saying that you want to exercise more, get in better shape, or be fit is not enough. You have to set an intention that holds the clear goal or end product for how you want to look, feel and be.

Hypnosis is one of the best methods for keeping your motivation high.

Hypnosis helps you get a clear picture of your end result – how it looks, sounds, feels, etc., so you have a destination point that you are constantly driving towards. Hypnosis programs your unconscious GPS to get to your destination.

Even though you may veer off or stray from the point of contact you want to get to, post hypnotic suggestions reset your GPS for fitness and weight loss, or whatever your desired goal is and steers you back in the right direction.

You first have to set the goal, then program it into your unconscious mind, and then set off in that direction. Hypnosis helps achieve this more efficiently and quickly.

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