A Primer on Regression Hypnosis

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Regression hypnosis can take us back to earlier events to help us get “unstuck”

Have you ever been “stuck” and just can’t seem to get past a certain point in your life? Maybe you are doing the same things repeatedly even though you know they are wrong and want to stop.

Perhaps it is some kind of issue that you can’t seem to get over or resolve within yourself. It is almost as if this “void” exists and you can’t seem to see what it is or make sense of it. Now what?

For those who have ever never heard of the term “regression hypnosis” then maybe this is what you need in getting to that “stuck” point in your life. Under the guidance of a well trained hypnotherapist who has experience in regression hypnosis, you may be able to move above and beyond that “stuck” point quicker than you think.

The key is to find a therapist who has the training and credentials because you are going back to a point in your life that may be very emotional for you and the last thing you want to have happen is feel more messed up or damaged when you leave the hypnosis session!

When a therapist uses regression hypnosis with their client, they basically take the client back in time to a place where they believe the client experienced some event, usually a traumatic or negative one which has caused them to become hindered in their emotional development.

Whatever that event was, it has caused the individual to block out or “repress” into their unconscious mind the negative effect it had on them.

In fact, the repression might be so intense that they have no recollection of the event ever happening, but the emotional “memory” embedded in the unconscious is so strong that it continually tries to creep out thus causing confusion.

This is usually where and why the feeling of being “stuck” occurs!

Regression hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for getting clients past certain issues in their lives quicker than regular mental health therapy. Interestingly, the major issue in people being “stuck” is that the event causing it that they repressed was so intense/traumatic that they may not be ready to deal with it, or ever be ready to deal with it.

This process would come out gradually in counseling, but in hypnotherapy the memory of the event will come out rather quickly so both the hypnotherapist and client both have to accept this and be willing to deal with this!

One of the more severe issues treated in regression hypnotherapy is abuse, both physical and mental abuse which usually happened when the client was younger. The issues surrounding the abuse were repressed for so long that under hypnosis, the reliving of them can be extremely trying and emotional.

Also, under regression hypnosis, some things might come out (not remembered at all) that might not only change the way someone looks at their life, but also the dynamics of their current relationships if abuse, namely sexual abuse was at the core of their underlying issue!

When engaging in regression hypnosis, often times one is opening up a can of worms they might not be ready to experience. This is why the individual seeking it has to fully be aware of the consequences, and the hypnotherapist conducting it needs to know what they are doing!

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Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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