Perfect Spelling Patterns – The Key to Being a Perfect Speller

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Are you a person who has atrocious spelling when it comes to your writing? As much as you try to remember how to spell, or however you try to pronounce the word to come out correctly, once you put it down on paper it is always wrong.

Is there a way to overcome continuous spelling mistakes other than carrying around with you a computerized spell check? Perhaps retraining your mind through hypnosis can help you become a better and more efficient speller in little time!

The mind operates on recognition and often times this recognition is created through patterns or habits and memory skills.

Remember in school you were taught the three R’s–reading, writing and (a)rithmetic?

Most people are able to remember that phrase instantly upon hearing it as it is based on phonics (sound and rhyming). In fact there are programs available that are totally based on phonics to help people learn new languages, read and spell correctly. Basically, it is training the mind to focus on and recognize immediate patterns, in this case spelling through sound.

This is how hypnosis works as well but goes one step further. Not only are you sounding out the word, but you are also seeing it in your mind’s eye spelled correctly.

When someone uses hypnosis to master their spelling patterns, their mind is trained to tune into spelling patterns based on pronunciation, vowel and consonant patterns, as well as visualizing the word.

Research has shown that when you use audio and visual encoding for memory work, it is far superior than just “saying” something” or “seeing” something. When you use both, they serve as triggers for one another. You see, when you say something, your mind sees it as a visual well before you ever say it. It happens so fast that experts refer to it as the micro genesis of the thought process. You basically think in terms of symbols and pictures.

Now the key here is to see the spelling of these symbols properly and this is done through triggering your own phonetic thought patterns by recognizing similarities in words through reading and hearing them.

They are in your unconscious, you just need to tap in and learn how to use it. And this is achieved through hypnosis where the unconscious mind is trained to look for similarities.

If you take a moment to sound out the word you are trying to spell, your mind will trace out similar words that sound the same, or recall where you have seen the word spelled before on paper.

When you are able to either trigger the sound of the word or the spelling of it in your unconscious mind, you are able to spell it correctly. You see most people sound the word out wrong, or do not see it the same way they once read it.

Archetypal thinkers like the psychoanalyst Carl Jung believe we all possess a collective or universal unconscious that has all the information within the speaking language within. Through hypnosis, one can also tap into this collective conscious mind. I invite you to check it out for yourself and watch your spelling increase rapidly.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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