Overcoming the Fear of Work

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Everyone is probably familiar with the term, “TGIF” no doubt?

Well, for those who do not know what it means, other than an American restaurant franchise, it means “Thank God it’s Friday!

It is the catch phrase for how many people really feel about their jobs… they can’t wait for the weekend to come fast enough.

Then there is the dread of when Sunday night rolls around because they know that their dreaded private rat race and disdain for the work week is about to start all over again.

If they can only make it to “hump day“, Wednesday, then they can just coast downhill and live for the TGIF moment all over again. Does this sound like you?

Most people who feel this way about work, the “TGIF” phenomenon are usually very unhappy with their jobs, or feel as if they are unfulfilled in their work. Many believe that they possess “just a job“, or something to pay the bills, rather than embracing it as a career or something that they are truly passionate about.

Interestingly, too many people take their jobs for granted, often times complaining about how much they dislike their jobs, or how they are not getting paid enough. Interestingly, with the high unemployment rates that exist, there is no doubt that someone out there would gladly sign on for a job someone is complaining about!

They say that too many people only appreciate something “good” they had after it is gone. They are not living in the moment.

There are a couple of ways of looking at your current job.

One is to view it as a place you are at with the potential for something bigger and better to come your way. In order to land into a better position, or one that you really want, do your best where you are at right now and unseeing doors have a way of opening up for better things.

Also, imagine that during the night, your job disappeared into thin air or was given to someone else. How would that make you feel? Most likely disappointed, angry, upset and scared that what you had is now gone. Interestingly, the first thing people think about at that moment is, “Gee, I would do anything to have that job back!

You see, people as creatures as habits sometimes grow too comfortable in their lives and jobs, tend to take things for granted, and lose their sense of passion for what they once enjoyed, or were happy to be originally hired at.

When what they had goes away from them, they instantly get a passion for wanting it back.

It’s like passion sandwiches in between complacency, taking things for granted and even boredom. The key is to find your passion for what you are doing and as they say, like attracts like.

If you are feeling passion, you will automatically draw more passion into your life which means a greater sense of happiness and achievement. When you are passionate about your current job, you are more likely to attract into your life something better, or even your dream job!

If you’re stressed or get a knot in your gut when Sunday rolls around then learn to switch off this fear and transform how you feel about your work with this self-hypnosis session here >>> 

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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