Overcoming the Fear of Missing Out Without Losing Any Sleep

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Ever since the creation and rise of social media, so many people feel the need to be online as often as possible.

Some are literally losing sleep over the need to be online, or compromising their work or schooling in order to send emails, text messages, post photos and selfies or participate in online social media.

Now I’d be the first admit all these can be fun to do, right? Instant notification of what you’re up to with photos and words. Fun to do on the right occasion, but post and pictures of what I’m eating for breakfast or dinner? No, thanks!

When you ask people about this (kids, teens and young adults) in this millennial generation as to why they feel this continual ‘need to be online’ they’ll assert it’s all about keeping up with what is going on, but moreover, not missing out on anything ‘good’ that’s happening.

When you go back in time to X and Y generations, the term ‘window monitor’ was popular when it came to not missing out on something. This usually meant peeking out of the window curtain to see what was going on with your neighbors, or having the news on 24/7 just in case something happened.



Girl on social media with friends imageThe fact is we are just doing the same as we ever did, it’s just the medium and timing has changed.

In my generation at the outset there was no Internet and so news travelled relatively slowly to today as we relied on our network of friends, TV coverage or newspapers to get our news.

Today, it’s all about the Internet and Social Media!

Instant updates on where people are and what they’re doing! Where’s the scene or group event and whose going or invited!

Many people use Facebook. It would appear as if this is the best means for keeping up to date not only with the news, worldly trends, but also with what family and friends are doing.

You can basically see the world you’re ‘wanting only to pay attention to’ on your Facebook page. Furthermore, many people are using Facebook to see what people are doing (vacations, social activities, etc.) and what they’re buying.

Pre-millennial, this was called looking at the neighbors or your co-workers, and trying to copy them, so you could ‘Keep up with the Joneses.’ Today, it’s called keeping up with FB posts and Tweets.

Boy, how times have changed!

With Facebook and other online mediums, so many people are constantly using it to compare who they are or what they have with others. Let’s face it, when you do this often, and use a large sample to compare what you have and who you are with, you’re always going to be left wanting something more, or feeling less than others.

This isn’t a good way to go about measuring who and what you are.

You’re using extrinsic standards, created by others to basically measure your own self-worth.

So how do we get out of this damaging loop?



Let me be clear here there is nothing wrong with being involved in social media and keeping in touch with people through Facebook and other tools. I do this myself as much of my family is 3,000 miles away.

I’m talking about when this constant need to ensure you don’t miss out rules your life and dictates your day.

Even a technical dinosaur like me can get overwhelmed with the number of messages and newsfeed items passing my way so I switch all that off as its mostly noise when I’m “offline” from FB.

Let’s say you could have and be all what you see online, still somewhere in the near future you will once again still feel like you’re lacking.

Mindfulness Quote ImageYou see, self-worth and satisfaction is an inside job, it’s intrinsic and you’re the only one who can set the standard for you and the degree of happiness and satisfaction you want to experience.

Low self-esteem is based on fear or feeling inadequate from the perception you have of yourself.

In order to overcome this, you need to develop a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

This is an ‘inside job’ and can be accomplished from accepting yourself.

Ways to help overcome this constant need to be “part of the party all the time” is to find ways of letting go of it on a regular basis. Tools to do this include mindfulness and hypnosis.

Mindfulness is an excellent mechanism for gaining back self-worth and letting go of problems and fears. Just a few minutes a day involved in mindfulness will help you establish your “core.” You’ll find a link to a resource to learn more about mindfulness below.

If you struggle with self-image and need to reframe how you see yourself, hypnosis is another great medium for helping you re-create your self-image, as well as new perceptions you have of yourself going forward.

Because the “fear of missing out” is a pattern in you then self-hypnosis is a great tool to help you interrupt this pattern. See more about this by clicking the link in the resource section below.

Using the right self-hypnosis session, the need to compare yourself to others will melt away and you’ll stop wishing away your precious time fantasizing about someone else’s fun. Check out this session designed to overcome fear of missing out here >>>

I hope you enjoyed this article and I invite you to leave a comment below and check out other similar articles at our blog here >>>



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