Overcoming the Fear of Driving

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Fear of driving is more common than you think…

Often times when you read or hear about phobias, it usually involves fears of being in enclosed places, spiders, snakes or planes.

There is also a terrible fear that exists for many and that is a fear of driving.

Driving, really?

How can someone who has driven most of their teen and adult lives all of a sudden be afraid of getting behind the wheel of a car? After all, for many driving is a pleasure, something to be enjoyed, especially for those who own sports cars? Where does this intense fear of driving stem from?

Most times, a phobia or fear of driving is the result of being in an accident, having a close call to being in one, or witnessing an accident that sticks with you and seems to cause distress anytime that you think about it.

If none of these are the cause, the antecedent to creating the fear may actually stem from watching a movie that had some sort of chaos or tragedy involving a car pile-up on a highway, a collapsed bridge, or even individuals acting out road rage.

If you are going through a stressful time in your life, are prone to anxiety, or even easily frightened, then any of these real or media generated situations are enough to perpetuate your fear of driving.

Generally, following an event which leaves the individual shaken up or traumatized because of their driving experience (this could truly create post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD), they may become hesitant about driving, but still try. What generally occurs, is they feel stressed out over traffic and road conditions in that they recognize them more as a potential threats and this causes them to become more reserved.

Some individuals become so reserved that they begin engaging in city driving only because of reduced speeds, and also if they need to pull over suddenly because they feel overwhelmed, anxious or feel worried.

Eventually, a feeling of being confined or trapped occurs whenever they are caught in bumper to bumper traffic, on a bridge or going through a tunnel.

When an individual gets to this level of apprehension, they become even less inclined to drive, some becoming agoraphobic even – afraid to leave their own homes as they lack self-confidence. When things get this bad, where does one go for help if they do not want to ride the city bus, cab it, or walk?

The answer could be as simple as hypnosis!

You see, somewhere along the line your unconscious mind got irrational messages that driving is a scary experience because your conscious mind focussed on that notion a little too long and kept replaying it over and over until those seeds were planted in the unconscious part of your mind.

These seeds became destructive weeds and need to be pruned out, and then replaced with fresh healthy seeds that promote positive, fearless thoughts about driving.

Under the direction of a skilled hypnotherapist, you will experience relaxation and have new cognition’s implanted in your mind that make you less fearful of driving. This can occur in one or a few sessions depending on your receptivity to it.

With that said, you will also be taught to relax whenever you are driving.

If you find you’ve become hyper-alert or anxious when in a car, to the point where it can interfere with the smooth operation of the car then here is a self-hypnosis download session that will help here >>>

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Staff Writer
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