Overcoming Fear of Dogs

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Who’s afraid of who?

Are you afraid of the “big bad wolf?

Okay, well the chances of coming across one of those canines and playing the role of Little Red Riding Hood is probably slim to nil. If you are afraid of canines in general, then there is no denying that the chance of crossing paths with a dog in your immediate future is pretty darn good!

Is there really such a thing as being afraid of dogs?

Did you know that there is a specific phobia for individuals who are afraid of dogs? Really! If you have a fear of dogs then you possess what is called “cynophobia.”

Where in the world would one develop such an intense fear of these warm-hearted, furry creatures, who after all are “man’s/woman’s best friend”?

Most likely the fear started when the individual was a child for a possibility of reasons.

The most likely one was that an individual was attacked and this left such an indelible memory that it was traumatizing.

No doubt from then on when they saw a dog they worried they would experience another dog attack.

The second reason that individuals become afraid of dogs is that they were conditioned to believe that dogs are harmful. They might have learned this through parents who told them to stay away from “stray” dogs, or all dogs because they could “turn on you” at any point and attack you.

Furthermore, their own parents might have possessed a fear of dogs and they modeled this behavior themselves.

Finally, since kids are impressionable and easily startled, a large dog might have playfully knocked them over when they were younger and they associated this as a form of violence. Also, the loud barking of a dog might have been so disconcerting that they associated it with meaning the dog was angry.

And finally, kids might have seen dogs “fenced in” and they began correlating that if animals are “fenced in” just like at the zoo, then they must be dangerous!

Growing up, if you developed cynphobia, you probably did your best to avoid dogs. In fact, you probably were in situations by your own unconscious choices that kept you away from dogs. With that said, you never challenged your irrational beliefs that all dogs are harmful. In fact, if you would have investigated further, you would find that probably a minute fraction of them actually bite people, and that cats bite people more than dogs.

Are you afraid of cats? Probably less likely!

What can you do to overcome your fear of dogs?

The best approach would be either systematic de-sensitization whereby a therapist can teach you relaxation techniques as you develop new mindsets for perceiving dogs. This could take a while!

The best and fastest methods with the best lasting results is hypnosis.

A trained hypnotherapist can help you to resolves negative images and experiences you have of dogs and replace them with new perceptions and happy thoughts. Through post-hypnotic suggestions you will have positive, and friendly expectancies whenever crossing a dog’s path.

Also, a hypnotherapist can help you work through “gradual exposure” in that at first the sound of a dog no longer frightens you, then the sight becomes neutral, and eventually petting a dog becomes no longer fearful, but amazingly pleasurable.

In your mind’s eye you will be taught that dogs truly are your friend. Before long, you might even find yourself walking one because guess what?

You are a dog owner!

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Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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