Overcoming the Fear of Aging

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Why do women go out of their way to hide aging?

If you could find the Fountain of Youth, or if such a thing really did exist, how fast would you be to dive into it?

The question worth asking yourself is, “Why would you dive in?

Do you really fight with the whole notion of aging and getting older looking? Would you dive into the eternal youth water because it is more of a “regret” issue whereby you wish you could turn back the clock and do something over again, or is it that you missed out on something?

Either way you look at it, everyone gets older and that isn’t such a bad thing – at all. It means that if you are getting older then you are still alive and that you have outlived most of the world’s population, especially in the third world poverty-flooded countries.

Furthermore, it means you can still be and do things that matter to you!

When you ask people about aging and what “scares” them the most about it, most will tell you it is all about feeling inadequate. Most fear aging because they assert their bodies do not work the way they once did, and that they can’t perform some or many of the physical tasks they once engaged in.

When these physical tasks are related to work of physical activities that related to leisure, recreation and enjoyment, you can see why some individuals not only fear aging, but also become depressed about it.

Too many individuals, especially women fear aging because of what it does to their skin – WRINKLES!

Unfortunately when you ask most women to give you one word most associated with getting older they are quick to respond with “wrinkles.” Let’s face it, wrinkles get a bad rap, especially in glamor commercials and magazines, and everyone is told that wrinkles are bad and that you need “this cream” or “this procedure” to look young again.

So many women are spending thousands of dollars because they are taught that aging, namely wrinkles are ugly, and that they should do their best to look forever young. Even though some products and procedures do minimize or eliminate wrinkles, too many individuals become obsessed with looking young because it becomes more of an internal self-esteem issue.

Herein lies the problem – too many go overboard whereby they really think they can look like they are in their 20’s again, and this is more of a “spiritual” struggle, rather than just something that is skin deep!

You read about people who have had so many cosmetic surgery procedures or use products to look “younger” that in the end, some actually start to look even worse off, “older” than they did when they started. No matter what procedures some have, they still think they can look better.

This has now been identified as a type of body dysmorphic disorder in that someone is unhappy with something about how they look.

You see, even if through some procedure the perceived problem is fixed, they will most likely find something else that needs fixing. In fact, it is like buying an “old house” and restoring one room at a time. The only difference is that the body is not an old house, and it possesses something truly unique that an old house does not have… spirit!

Sure an old house has character, and that is why someone buys it to restore it.

Guess what? You have character and those fine lines and wrinkles only add to it. And no matter how much you restore an old house, it only feels alive when you add spirit. No creams or cosmetic procedures will create or add spirit – that is an internal face-lift you create!

Even though aging is inevitable, there are ways that you can cope with it. Check out this MP3 session to see if it will help you here >>>.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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