Overcoming All or Nothing Thinking

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The two faces of all or nothing thinking…

Are you an all or nothing thinker? Then if you fall into this category, you are what they call a polarized thinker – you think from one extreme or the other.

You see, all or nothing thinkers think in terms that are “always” right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, and in or out.

For the all or nothing thinker, there is no middle ground or gray area. This individual is definitely the antithesis of the “fence-sitter“, you know the indecisive one, or one never able to make a firm decision.

Both of these types of individual thinkers are not good at making assertive decisions based on logic.

When you think in all or nothing terms, there is no room for compromise. Often times, when you get into discussions or arguments with others, it becomes a matter of “my way or the highway” in that you are not willing to consider another person’s opinion as being openly valid or acceptable.

Furthermore, what is truly troubling for most all or nothing thinkers is their inability to often times make rationale, amicable decisions for themselves because they are so caught up in their dichotomized thinking of the answer being either one way of the other with their being no middle ground. Many times, the “middle ground” is the possibility of other sound and positive answers to problems which may have served someone better if they would just consider that everything is not so definitive or absolute.

Most all or nothing thinkers learned to think the way that they do having grown up in a household where a parent or primary caregiver influenced them as they thought the same way.

Due to learning to think the way they do and not changing, rather holding onto their polarized worldviews, they continue to think this way. This does not mean they have to think this way forever – oh no! It is all about recognizing that this type of thinking pattern is not working for them and that they need to modify it.

Obviously the best way to change polarized thinking would be to consciously monitor it and stop yourself from engaging in it.

With that said, since you have done it for so long, it may be more difficult than you think as it goes against your nature, and you may not even realize when you are doing it. Hypnosis is an excellent method for changing this almost instantly.

While in a state of deep hypnosis, the hypnotherapist places post hypnotic suggestions into your unconscious mind to bring you to a greater awareness whenever you are operating from a mindset of polarized thinking. The unconscious mind makes the conscious mind aware that there are other possibilities for responding or decision-making which may not have been so evident in the past.

The conscious mind is in a greater state of awareness because of the hypnosis and moving forward, one becomes more cognizant of the gray areas in life.

Instead of operating from a conditioned, knee-jerk black or white mindset, the colorful possibilities of other options start to appear!

If you feel like you’re operating from a pattern of all of nothing thinking then its time to stop by checking out overcoming this detrimental thinking here.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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